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Women’s Staff Forum

The University supports several equality and diversity focused staff networks, enabling staff  to come together, network, offer mutual support and discuss issues that matter to them. Run by staff for staff, they are supported by resources provided through the Equality and Diversity team. These forums  play a key role in the development of policy and procedure, helping ensure the University meets the needs of its diverse workforce.

There has been interest in setting up a women’s forum to bring women from across the University together, supporting the University in advancing gender equality. If you would like to help run, would be interested in joining, or just want to know more information about the Forum, please contact

Information on the other staff forums can be found at:

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  1. Are you interested in supporting a University-wide Men’s Staff Forum?

    • The Equality and Diversity Team and the University support the setting up of a women’s network because women continue to be under-represented on an equal basis with men. The pay gap still exits and women still struggle to break through the glass ceiling in the majority of workplaces, a fact that was only this week highlighted on the news. We need to be pro-active at exploring the issues and barriers that women in particular face, and a network is an ideal avenue to facilitate those discussions. Men, I would say, have not and do not, face the same barriers. This is why we also support a lesbian, gay and bisexual, multicultural and disability staff network, all these groups have faced unfair barriers and discrimination and even today can struggle achieve equity in the workplace. We have, for sometime had interest expressed in setting up a women’s network and have to say, having been here for over 2 years, you are the first man in the organisation to ask me for a men’s staff network. If you are happy to clarify the need for such a network I would be open to the idea.

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