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New waste scheme – update

The new bins are now in place throughout academic buildings and we hope you’re getting used to the new system. With the exception of food and liquids, whatever you used to put in the general waste and recycling bins goes in just one bin – the green-topped standard bin, or the green section of dual (Meridian) bins at building entrances. You can see what the new standard bins, food caddies and meridian bins look like here.

Food waste doesn’t include food packaging. Please continue to use food caddies and black sections of dual (Meridian) bin for food waste such as tea bags, coffee grounds, uneaten food (including raw and cooked meats), napkins, fruit cores and skins. Food waste is composted in Dorset and you can find out more about the composting process here.

Food residue on waste in standard bins

A bit of food residue on waste is ok. Overall residue levels should be only small amounts that won’t cover other items in the bin. For example, crumbs are fine, some salad dressing/yoghurt on packaging is fine, used sauce sachets are fine as is chewing gum.


A reminder that no liquids should be put in bins, as once liquid goes in a bin it contaminates all the other waste so it can’t be recycled. This then contaminates the vehicles which collect our waste, which incurs a financial cost to the university.

Liquid must be emptied from bottles – these bottles tend to ‘pop’ in waste collection vehicles or at the recycling facility.  This contaminates recyclables and equipment, and makes life unpleasant for the people who work at the facility.

Thank you for all your feedback and questions so far. They’re enabling us to tweak the system so that it works as effectively as possible.

If you have any queries about the new waste scheme, or about a specific item of waste, please see if it’s covered on our recycling page or in the waste information table.

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