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Communicator issue 40

The latest issue of Communicator is now available online,  with the new design chosen by you. To celebrate more of our successes, we’ve included more News in Brief, more staff profiles and a new section called In the Community.

  • take a look a the places Sandi has visited so far as our new Chancellor
  • hear from our new Vice-Chancellor Graham Galbraith before his arrival in September
  • find out what John Craven has in store for his retirement
  • read about our investments in New Theatre Royal, Purple Door, green printing and green waste management
  • see how our staff and students have been helping the community

Communicator, Issue 40 (Spring 2013)

Communicator is produced three times per year. The paper is fully carbon balanced from suppliers with Forestry Stewardship Council credentials and ISO14001 environmental management standards. To reduce print numbers, each department is asked how many copies they need in their area, as many staff are happy to share copies.  If you would like to reduce the number you receive in your area, or if you have any other comments, please email

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  1. Hi!

    The online version of Communicator is almost unreadable online.

    This is because zooming in enough to be able to read the subtexts means most of a paper page is off-screen, so one has to continuously drag the page around to see top and bottom, also except on wide screen to see left and right. Just directly copying the paper version means the pages are too big – they need laying out again for screen.

    So – sorry – but in practice the online Communicator has failed in the staff survey feedback objective that C should be available online.

    I look forward to the online version of C 41 being screen-friendly.

    Regards —

    — Kit Lester

  2. I can’t read this on a computer screen as I can’t get the text large enough.
    When are the paepr copies being delivered around campus?

  3. Alida, Kit, thank you for your comments. We are looking at the online version and will hopefully have something better uploaded shortly. In the meantime, I have amended the post to add the link to pdf versions of Communicator, which you may find easier to read.

    Alida, paper copies were distributed on Tuesday so should be available in your building, but do let me know if you can’t find them.

    Sarah Avison

  4. I agree with Kit & Alida that it’s very difficult to read on line (both the issu version, and the pdf)
    The latter is difficult because the pages are so wide, couldn’t you have two versions – one that’s suitable for reading on paper (I can’t remember being asked about the format, to be honest, more about the contents) -and one for reading online. Same content, same formatting even, just a different layout.
    Ironic, really, that one item was about the new, responsive website (something we encourage our students to build) – yet reading about it was one of the least responsive things I’ve seen for a while …

  5. The online version has been amended, so should be easier to read as double page spreads, or you can select to read singular pages if that’s easier.

  6. That is much easier! Thanks 🙂

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