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Student Led Teaching Awards 2013

There is a lot of great teaching that goes on at the University and we think it’s about time all of our great teachers, tutors and staff get the recognition they deserve.

This is your opportunity to nominate a member of staff that you think really makes a difference.

Nominations close on 12 April 2013 and the awards ceremony will take place on 30 May 2013. The event will be hosted in Portland atrium from 5.30pm.

Staff can be nominated in the following categories:

Postgraduate choice
This will be awarded to any member of University academic staff that teaches, supports or supervises postgraduate students.

Best personal tutor
The best personal tutor will be a member of academic staff that goes beyond their normal tutorial duties towards their students.

Most innovative teacher
The ‘Most innovative teaching’ award will be given to individuals that show outstanding teaching techniques and elements that go beyond the usual.

Best feedback
Feedback is the only way students can know how to improve achieve their potential. Feedback can be formal and informal and it can be expressed through many different vehicles.

Outstanding learner support
This award will be given to a non-academic member of staff that has made a positive influence in the student experience. Could be awarded to a careers officer, administrative officer, library staff, lab assistant etc.

Positive overall impact
This award will be given to an exceptional member of academic staff that excels in all categories. An individual may be proposed directly for this award, but individuals submitted to all categories will be considered.

So nominate a teacher today,

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