Shorthand app helps students revise anywhere

A lecturer at the University of Portsmouth has created an app that helps students to learn shorthand wherever they are.

Gill Wray, a tutor in shorthand, has developed the app which can be viewed on PC, tablet or phone, and is the only programme available anywhere in the world to help students revise the basics of teeline shorthand.

Shorthand app

The new app means students can revise anywhere

There is also a dictation section, with Gill reading sentences at 60, 70 and 80 words per minute, and a revision guide.

The site is still being added to on a regular basis.

“Students are always saying they don’t have enough time to do their revision, but with this app they can revise on the bus, on the train, or in between lectures. They really have no excuse!” says Gill.

“We are even going to send the link to prospective students so they can start to learn their trade before they start at the University”.

Gill developed the app alongside Emily Bennett and Pete Sparkes, online course developers who had the technical skills to make the idea a reality.

Gill says: “I first came up with the idea two years ago after a conversation with a student. However the technology at the University’s disposal at the time meant that it was not possible to create the app.

Shorthand app

First year journalism student Catherine Richardson using the app

“The installation of a new virtual learning environment at the University meant that the creation of the app was now possible.”

Students take a test that involves seeing a shorthand symbol and choosing the meaning from two options at the bottom of the screen.

Each small test takes two minutes to complete, with students being allowed five seconds to guess each symbol. If the student gets them all right, they are allowed to advance to the next level.

According to Gill: “Shorthand is an essential skill for journalists to learn. It greatly helps them to secure a job in the future, so anything that aids their learning in this subject can only be a good thing”.


You can view the app here

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  1. Hi Is this app available to staff at the university? if will not let me look at the link with my staff details as log in.

  2. Hi Katie

    You should be fine just clicking the link – but here it is again just in case –

  3. Hi

    I’m unable to download the app, just to double check – what credentials should I be using to log in? My university one? Didn’t work..


  4. Hello. Is this app available to people who aren’t students at the University of Portsmouth? Currently studying journalism elsewhere and would like to try the app.


    • Hi Iain

      We’re looking into this for you and will let you know when we’ve found out why it’s asking for a password.

      • Hello.

        Thanks for getting back to me. Just wondering do you have any update since the other week on the password issue? Thanks.

        • Hi Iain

          I’m very sorry but due to issues beyond our control the app is not currently available to people from outside of the University.

  5. Would this app for shorthand be available to students of other universities anytime in the near future.

  6. Help.
    I am trying to help my daughter with teeline and have seen Gill Wray’s app and would like to use this. I am not connected to the University. If the app has to be downloaded via your site can I have a temp password to do this?

  7. Please, please, please make this app available to the public! I would love to use it!

  8. I attended your Journalism Open Day on Saturday 15th November 2015, and heard of your Tee-line App. I would like to get ahead and begin to learn this vital skill, but am unable to locate the app. The link on your University page will not work.

    Technical issues, I expect, but do you have an idea of if and when it might be available to future Portsmouth students please?


    Ben Williets

  9. Dear Ben,

    Very impressed by your enthusiasm. I’m afraid that because of reasons beyond our control relating to copyright we are only allowed to offer the app to current students. If you want to get ahead with your shorthand studies the book we recommend is Dawn Johnston Teeline for Journalists. If I can help further please email me on

    Best wishes
    Mary Williams, Journalism Subject Leader.

  10. Hello. Please, please, please make this app available to the public! I would love to use it!

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