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2013 staff parking permits

The 2013 staff parking permits will be processed during January and sent directly to staff at work.

Portsmouth City Council have been informed and during this period they  will not be issuing any warnings for out-of-date permits.

Over the past few months all permit data has been successfully transferred to I Trent. We hope this will eventually improve future processing of all updates and renewals and provide a more efficient service.

Should you have any concerns, please contact Jane Sheldrake on Ext:2805 or

Merry Christmas from the car parking office.

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  1. Have PCC been told?
    I’ve got a notice on my car which says that the pass is out of date!

  2. Yes they were informed before Christmas this is probably an oversight. This arrangement is new to both parties and we would expect teething problems.

  3. I too had a notice on my car for an out of date permit. Pretty distressing experience as it was in a proper Penalty Charge Envelope and I really thought I had been issued with a fine. Not good enough to call this an oversight, even if the system is new. I’m now worried than an actual fine my follow.

  4. Emily, I have issued many updates on how this system will work and that the interim period is only warnings, not fines. This is an oversight and as I previously stated teething problems are to be expected, hence why we have the interim period. We have spent many hours and numerous meetings working with PCC and I can assure you I am personally addressing any problems that arise.

  5. Hi Jane
    Happy New Year to you and I do hope you had a good break.

    Just to let you know my current contract ends at the end of January 2013 so my parking permit will need to be extended until then (currently I believe it ends December 2012).

    Many thanks
    PS I am moving desks so email is best mode of correspondence!

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