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Google Apps: 17 days to go…

G-Day is coming on Monday 17 December. To prepare you for the switch from GroupWise to Google Apps, Information Services are running briefing and training sessions:

Briefing sessions

We are running 45-minute sessions across campus, from now until January 2013, where we’ll provide a demonstration of key email and calendar functions. Click here to view dates and times.

Drop-in Centres

Or, come along to a drop-in centre, from 3 December, where you can try out the system and ask questions of the Project Team. Click here to view dates and times.

IT Training

Visit for dates and times of courses you can attend to find out how to use Mail and Calendar. Regular sessions start from 3 December.

For more information on G-Day and Google Apps for Education visit

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  1. Like many people in the UK I do not use Starbucks, Amazon or Google. They do not pay tax in this country and therefore deprive the Exchequer of money for public services such as education. In my view UoP should not be supporting such enterprises by adopting eg Google email. Can any colleague advise how I can avoid Google? Presumably I will have to forward email to an alternative account? Unless Groupwise can be maintained for those colleagues who do not wish to use Google?

  2. My understanding is that Google comply with UK law and their directors have a legal responsibility to work in the interests of the shareholders. Google generously support education in the UK and charge commercial entities around £85,000 per year for the service we are getting for free.

    You shouldn’t forward your email to an alternative account as this might put us in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 and also make it hard to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

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