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Google Apps: Got a question?

G-Day is 38 days away, when Groupwise will be replaced with Google Apps for Education.Give Google a try
To familiarise yourself with Google Apps before we switch over, come along and learn more. We are running 45-minute briefing sessions across campus, where we’ll provide a demonstration of key email and calendar functions. Or you could come along to a drop-in session where you can try out the system and ask questions to the Project Team.

Online support
If you can’t make one of the sessions but still have some questions about Google Apps mail, calendars or any other function, visit the FAQs, video clips or Tips and Tricks on the Google Help pages. You could also take an interactive tour of mail and calendar.

For more information on G-Day and Google Apps for Education visit

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  1. Whose bright idea was it to change over in mid-year when we are all trying to come to terms with the new curriculum (RAS2012), a new VLE and develop new 5-year strategies? I for one have no time to familiarise myself with the new mail system. Please keep the old system working then phase in the new system at the end of the academic year.

    • Hear, hear Tony!!

    • In setting the date for G-Day we were thinking especially about those who work every day with students. Google Apps is very easy to use, is accessible from almost any computer and is what all of our students are have … and one more thing – there will be much less spam!

      Moving during a period when many people were away from the University would be much more disruptive.

      I really hope you like GMail, members of my team will be around in your area on G-Day to help with any problems.

    • There is nothing to familiarise with google. There are several pros and cons with google but I support Tony’s argument. Email users should be given opportunity to a new system. But I like as I have more flexibility to use email from anywhere.

  2. I think this will be a great and positive move for the University and will make life much easier for everyone, or at least for the majority!

    IS are doing a great job of providing support for those who need it and it makes so much sense to all work on the same platform.

  3. I am really looking forward to transferring to GMail.

    Will existing groupwise emails in our archives be a) stored and b) accessible – I ask because I have a large number of communications that are important in terms of organisational memory.

    Many thanks

    • You will be able to transfer your archive to GMail and have it fully accessible.

      Keep a look out for the instructions over the coming weeks leading up to GDay

  4. This is great news. Groupwise is a creaking system that is very limited. Gmail is so intuitive it will be very easy to move – and whose workload does not allow them to explore the extra functionality can simply enjoy the benefit of an email system that will work so much better.

  5. I may be seen as slightly biased, but my own thoughts as a user (rather than a member of IS) is that, whilst moving to any new service is initially a little daunting (and no time to migrate is perfect), Google Apps is a far superior offering than Groupwise and I love it 🙂

  6. As a non IS member of staff who imported 3000 active and 8000 archived e-mails into Gmail earlier this year I would say it has been a brilliant experience in terms of a actually collating student contacts and queries with a view to creating some canned responses which I can still personalise and also in weeding out stuff from archived folders which was simply clutter. I also now have key labels which help me track meetings minutes and agendas and my calendar

    • I’m very pleased to hear you’ve had a positive experience with the service so far Linda! I hope we can help other members of staff get the most out of Google Apps too.

  7. As someone that doesn’t possess a phone that runs “Apps” I am perplexed as to what “Google Apps” is/are. My only experience of gmail e-mail is that I get a load of spam purporting to be from friends and colleagues at gmail addresses but which are not and so end up in the junk folder.
    I concur with those who have large archives of e-mails. My experience with the switch over from Pegasus was that I ended up with thousands of messages numbered sequentially – I know there are files there that I want to access but don’t have the time to hunt through them.
    Another concern is our address books. Will all e-mail addresses that have been acquired over the years still be accessible by typing the names by which we have come to associate with individuals? I think it is rare that I type an e-mail address these days, and certainly couldn’t remember more than a dozen. If not, will we be able to print out directories by name of all our contacts before the change-over please?

    • It’s called “Apps” because of the range of applications it contains (email, calendar, contacts, sites etc). You email will retain the structure you already have, except with labels instead of folders (these are very similar).

      Your own GroupWise address book will br migrated and to send emails to people you already know (or anyone member of staff), you just need to start typing the name.

  8. I welcome the arrival of Gmail, I’ve always found it a very easy system to use and far superior to Groupwise. I only wish Windows 7 would arrive at the same time!

  9. Will staff timetables be automatically loaded into Google Calender?. The student version of Google has a calender with their timetable so I’m assuming the staff version will have to. Been asking for this for Groupwise for years, lets hope the new system is more staff friendly.

    • We’d really like to put staff timetables into their Google Calendars, but this was just too much to do as part of the project. However we understand how useful this could be and it’s on the to-do list!

      • Thanks for the reply. It seems surprising that it was doable for the students straight away, but not for the staff. Oh well, lets hope that the to do list isn’t very long and this important and useful service can be rolled out for staff so they can similar functionality to the students.

        • Surely it’s just a case of creating a calendar and adding that to your own. Something for department or faculty admins to do perhaps.

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