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Police student bravest in England

Alex Stypulkowski receives his award from Home Secretary Theresa May

ICJS student and Police Constable Alex Stypulkowski receives his award from Home Secretary Theresa May

A University of Portsmouth student has been named the bravest police officer in England and Wales for his determination to arrest a man despite receiving near-fatal injuries.

Alex Stypulkowski is studying at the University’s Institute of Criminal Justice Studies for his Foundation Degree in Police Studies. He is also a fulltime Police Constable working with Hampshire Constabulary.

PC Stypulkowski was named bravest in the south-east and bravest overall at the annual Police Bravery Awards. He was presented with his awards by Home Secretary Theresa May at London’s Plaisterers’ Hall, followed by a reception at 10 Downing Street.

Last November, on duty in Petersfield, he was asked to help social services and firearms officers section a man under the Mental Health Act. The man was known to be dangerous and had previously taken his mother hostage.

Alex Stypulkowski

On duty: Alex Stypulkowski

PC Stypulkowski arrived at the scene and chased the offender, but he became separated from his colleagues in the dark. He was alone and unarmed when he was confronted by the offender brandishing a screwdriver in his face saying “You are going to die.”

PC Stypulkowski used CS gas and tackled the offender to the ground. The police constable later said he had been aware of sharp blows to his back and neck but refused to give up.

Medics confirmed the stab wounds to his head and neck were life-threatening, with one having narrowly missed his jugular vein.

The offender was eventually arrested after another Police Constable used a Taser gun to subdue him.

Paul McKeever, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, told the BBC: “PC Stypulkowski deserves the highest praise for his courage and determination. Knowing the risks, he fearlessly put his own life on the line to pursue this very dangerous offender.”

On receiving the award PC Stypulkowski told reporters: “It’s an absolute honour to be invited, let alone win the award. The stories from everyone else have been just fantastic.”

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