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October 2012
Sandi Toksvig

Sandi Toksvig becomes Chancellor

Writer, comedian and broadcaster Sandi Toksvig has been installed as Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth. She hopes to use her new role to help bring the University and its excellence to the…

Professor of Social Inclusion, Dan Finn

Major flaws in Universal Credit welfare reform

The biggest reform of Britain’s welfare system, set to come into effect next year, could see people worse off, struggling to manage their finances and left to deal with a more complex benefits…

Dr Claire Nee

Young criminals can be turned around

  Wayward youngsters could have their criminal tendencies nipped in the bud if more time was devoted to intervening early, according to new research. Forensic psychologists at the University of Portsmouth studied what…

What’s happening at Purple Door?

Events to help you succeed.

Quality Assurance Committee minutes 28 Sept 2012

Now available to all staff on the intranet.

Alex Stypulkowski receives his award from Home Secretary Theresa May

Police student bravest in England

A University of Portsmouth student has been named the bravest police officer in England and Wales for his determination to arrest a man despite receiving near-fatal injuries. Alex Stypulkowski is studying at the…

University Library opening 24/7

From January to May next year.

Academic Policy Committee minutes 9 Oct 2012

Now available to all staff on the intranet.

Installation of our new Chancellor

Watch it online on 31 October.

Police Crime Commissioners first debate

Hosted by the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies.

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