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Universities celebrate higher education

The University of Portsmouth is helping showcase the best of what universities offer their local cities and regions as part of a national week marking the value of higher education institutions.

Universities Week

Universities Week

Universities Week aims to increase public awareness of the wide and varied role of the UK’s universities.  Run by Universities UK, the event is supported by 110 institutions across Britain and runs from today to the 7th May 2012.

Universities week aims to tell the story of how much universities enrich their cities and regions and contribute to the local and national economy, culture and society.  It is the third annual national campaign of its kind and will this time incorporate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as its overarching theme.

Chancellor Sheila Hancock said: “I am delighted to support Universities Week, which celebrates the impact universities have on the UK.  People must be made aware of the importance of universities to our cities, which is why I liaise as much as I can with the people of Portsmouth in my role as Chancellor.”

As well as educating 22,000 students a year and employing over 2,000 staff, the University of Portsmouth works with a range of local and regional industries providing training in a range of subjects from dentistry to mechanical engineering, improving the quality of working lives by increasing knowledge and skills and raising aspirations.

The Chancellor said: “Studying at University is crucial for young people to learn empathy, self-discipline, self respect and to live with one another.  And it is also an important time to stimulate their aspirations.  I’ve seen students as freshers, and then as graduates, who are totally transformed.

“Universities have always been the vanguard of culture and we need to protect this.  Although this is a challenging time for Higher Education in the UK, I have no doubt that our universities will continue to put young people at the forefront and improve the country.”

To get involved or follow the week’s events, follow UUK on Twitter #UniWeek and #BUCSChamps.

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