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Parade: improving your citation rate

Parade is the University’s institutional repository at It contains nearly 3,000 research outputs, mostly from 2008 onwards and we encourage our researchers to deposit details of their research in it.  Parade‘s statistics can be found at :

Read a brief history of institutional repositories and the drive behind them by Andy Barrow, Science Faculty Librarian and Keeper of Parade.

What can I deposit?

You can deposit the version of the article before peer review (preprint) or the final version post-review but before actual publication (post-print).

Except in rare cases, you can’t deposit a copy of the published version of the article.

How can I deposit my research in Parade?

If you want to deposit your scholarly research in Parade yourself, please book your place to the Parade workshop on 25 November 2011 at 11.00am.

If you’d like someone else to do it for you, all Faculties have trained depositors.


For more information about Parade and how to deposit your research, please contact Andy Barrow at or ext. 3236.

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