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Your Portsmouth 2011

A very warm welcome to the University of Portsmouth to all our new students. Check the Your Portsmouth mini-site at before you arrive.

Your Portsmouth includes all the information a new student needs, such as:

  • what to do before you arrive
  • useful tips to help you save your money
  • where to go on your first day
  • latest news about student accommodation
  • who’s around to help you

This is essential information to have before you get here, so spend a few minutes reading the information pages and the daily posts.

Follow Your Portsmouth in Facebook and Twitter

Bookmark Your Portsmouth in your browser and follow us in Facebook and Twitter!/portsmouth2011 to get in contact with other new students and start making friends even before you arrive in Portsmouth.


Once you arrive in Portsmouth and have settled in, we will close Your Portsmouth but you will not be left alone. LookUP will be here for you. In LookUP you will find the latest news and events, links to Google Mail as well as more information on all the student services you might need when you’re here.

You will also see the LookUP logo on plasma screens around the campus. LookUP information is specifically for students. It will help you during your time here, so make the most of the information available.

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