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IWLP language classes for 2011-12

All continuing University students can register now to take IWLP language classes in Semester 1 and 2 of 2011/12. New students at Portsmouth will be able to enrol to IWLP after they’ve registered with the University.

You must register with IWLP in addition to registering with your department. Deadline for IWLP registration is Monday 22 September 2011. Classes start on Monday 26 September 2011.

The Institution-Wide Language Programme is free of charge and open to all University students and staff. You can learn Arabic, British Sign Language, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

All languages are available from beginners’ level, but if you have studied a language we will place you in the appropriate level so you can build on your existing knowledge.

Depending on your degree, the IWLP units will count towards your required course credits. Some degrees, especially those which lead to professional accreditation, don’t accept IWLP as part of their credit count. In these cases, though, you can still usually learn a language in your own time for no extra charge.

If you register to study for credit as part of your degree, you will automatically be accepted. If studying for interest, a place cannot be guaranteed.

You can register online at

You can find out more information about IWLP at

For any queries, please email

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