Public Research Seminar – Dr Sevinç Garner

Date/Time: Wednesday 21 February, 2018 - 3:00pm

Date/Time End: Wednesday 21 February, 2018 - 5:00pm

Venue: Eldon West 1.10

The University of PortsmouthFaculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are proud to host a public Research Seminar, by Dr Sevinç Garner.

Independent Scholar, Sevinç Garner will host a public Research Seminar on the 21st of February in Eldon Building, room 1.10, between 3 pm and 5 pm.

The Research Seminar is open to staff and students, as well as members of the public.

Sevinc Garner received her PhD in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Manchester in 2012. Her research interests revolve around gender, identity, ethnicity, nationalism, women and war, and women’s movements (in particular in the Middle East and Ottoman/Turkish society). She has published extensively on these issues and has taught courses including Modern Turkish Literature, Contemporary Turkish Cinema, Literatures of the Middle East (University of Manchester, UK).

The lecture is based around Sevinç’s research paper, entitled: Gender, Ethnicity and the Denationalisation of Citizenship in Turkey: Shifting Representations of Ethnic/Religious Minority Women in post-1990s Cinema. An abstract of which can be found below:

This study aims to explore the ways in which ethnic and religious minority women feature in Turkish cinema produced in the post-1990s period and situate this within broader debates about the relationship between gender, ethnicity and nation in contemporary Turkey.

This has changed at the end of the twentieth century however: the feminist movement of the 1980s and Turkey’s official candidacy in the European Union in 1999 initiated a process of denationalisation of citizenship which led to the increasing visibility of non-Turkish and non-Muslim identities in Turkey.

This paper proposes to take up these themes through an analysis of the representation of ethnic/religious minority women (in particular of Kurdish and Armenian women) in a selection of films produced in the post-1980s period. It explores the changing cinematic manifestations of womanhood in this period as a means of exploring their roles within contemporary discourses of Turkish national and cultural integrity, looking in particular at the way that such portrayals challenge and deconstruct the kinds of stereotypes that had been dominant in the past.

This allows us to reflect on the effects of nation-building process on religious and ethnic minority women’s experiences as gendered national subjects, and to explore some of the ongoing implications of this period within narratives of gendered Turkish nationhood as these themes surface in contemporary Turkish cinema and broader public discussion.

To contact Sevinç, you can email her on, or

This lecture is a part of a series of Research Seminars, organised by Lincoln GeraghtyStephen HarperLaurel Forster, and Deborah Shaw; hosted by the Culture and Conflict Research Group, and the Media, Culture and Communication Research Group.

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