SECS Research Seminar – A Systematic Review Of The Evidence-Base For Professional Learning In Early Years Education (The Pleye Review)

Date/Time: Wednesday 31 January, 2018 - 5:00pm

Date/Time End: Wednesday 31 January, 2018 - 7:00pm

Venue: LT3, Richmond Building

Presenter: Professor Sue Rogers, UCL Institute of Education

Professor Sue Rogers will present on The Pleye Review (a project undertaken in conjunction with Professor Chris Brown, University of Portsmouth. This systematic review brings together international evidence on professional development and learning (PDL) approaches in Early Years Education (EYE) that demonstrate positive impact on children’s outcomes.

The review is pertinent and topical and has a strong and direct connection with the current policy drive to a) improve the skills and knowledge of the early years workforce in order to improve outcomes for children, particularly those most at risk of disadvantage and b) develop system-led self-improvement through evidence-based approaches to PDL.

The presentation is designed to will help the user community i.e. policy-makers, setting leaders and EYE professionals, to make informed decisions about the types of PDL approaches that are most effective, and to feel confident that those approaches are underpinned by robust and rigorous research evidence.

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