Interventions to Reduce Unintentional Bias: From Individual to Institutional Change

Date/Time: Tuesday 23 May, 2017 - 4:30pm

Date/Time End: Tuesday 23 May, 2017 - 5:30pm

Venue: Eldon Building, Room W 1.02

Presenter: The Higher Education Forum at the University of Portsmouth presents Professor Patricia Devine, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Higher Education Forum  at the University of Portsmouth presents Professor Patricia Devine, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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People often struggle with a conflict between their consciously-held non prejudiced beliefs and automatically activated unintentional biases. This talk will review the theoretical components necessary to produce enduring changes in the expression of unintentional bias, and present evidence from a program of work on the Prejudice Habit-Breaking Intervention. This intervention promotes awareness and concern about discrimination and implicit bias, and teaches people cognitive strategies to overcome unintentional bias. This intervention has been adapted to several populations and contexts, and has been effective not only at creating enduring change in awareness and concern, but consequential behavioral outcomes and even institutional change. This work encourages researchers to carefully consider whether their laboratory measures of implicit bias are adequate operationalization of the breadth of behaviors caused by unintentional bias.

About the speaker
Professor Devine is an expert on implicit/unconscious bias. Her research is focused how people manage the intrapersonal and interpersonal challenges associated with prejudice in our contemporary society. One main focus for her recent work is the sources of motivation, internal and external, for responding without prejudice and the unique challenges these alternate sources of motivation create for managing the interpersonal aspects of intergroup relations. Key questions concern the relation between explicit and implicit prejudice and the processes that regulate the use of stereotypes. In addition, Professor Devine is interested in the qualitative nature of the tension between majority and minority group members that may create obstacles for harmonious intergroup relations, and which may, in some instances lead to an escalation of prejudice coupled with a tendency to lash out at stigmatized groups.

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