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Europe’s foundations mapped COPYRIGHT: ESA 2012

Londoners among most likely to feel ground move beneath feet

London tops the table of 52 European cities for the number of people exposed to possible ground instability, according to a new study. The research, from an earth scientist at the University of…

Damelsfly on the green roof

Improving the biodiversity of green roofs

Using living organisms such as bacteria or fungi, as an alternative to chemical fertilisers, can improve the soil biodiversity of green roofs, according to new research from the University of Portsmouth. Green roofs…

Angelica Catalani

Recreating the spirit of a Mariah-Carey-like Diva in a unique performance of Handel’s Messiah

A unique recreation of a performance of Handel’s Messiah from 1812, which featured the great prima donna Angelica Catalani, is being performed in Portsmouth next month. More than 200 performers from the University of…

Dr Diana Fleischman

Knee-jerk disgust is holding humans back

Feeling revolted by something unpleasant or offensive is holding back humanity, according to a scientist. Disgust is often a knee-jerk response to the new or alien, according to Dr Diana Fleischman, a comparative…

HRH The Princess Royal meets David Hargreaves of AstraZeneca (left) and John McGeehan of the University of Portsmouth (right). Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire.
Visit of HRH The Princess Royal to celebrate Diamond Light Source's double anniversary and officially open the VMXi beamline.
(L-R): Professor John McGeehan, Director at the institute of biomedical and biomolecular science, the University of Portsmouth, meets HRH The Princess Royal..

Photograph By: Sean Dillow.
Diamond Light Source.

New beamline to boost advances in biomedical research

University of Portsmouth researchers were the first academics to use Diamond Light Source’s new Versatile Macromolecular crystallography in situ (VMXi) beamline, the only one of its kind worldwide which was unveiled today. A transformation…

Professor Mark Button

Fraud costing UK £125 billion a year

Business and organisations in the UK are facing a fraud epidemic with fraudsters increasingly taking advantage of technology and corporate inaction. New research from national audit, tax and advisory firm Crowe Clark Whitehill,…


An academic look at life in The Archers

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth are taking part in a unique conference to discuss a variety of topics and issues related to the iconic BBC Radio 4 radio soap The Archers. Professor…


Lettuce in February: the hidden cost of buying fresh vegetables all year round

Professor Lisa Jack examines the hidden cost of buying fresh vegetables all year round.

A sustainable development model. CREDIT: Wikipedia

Stark choice between green or growth

Poverty, unemployment and zero economic growth are the likely outcome for countries which choose renewable energy sources over fossil fuels, according to a study. Energy from fossil fuels appears to ignite economies into…

dental academy

Poverty impacts on type of dental care received

Adults from highly deprived areas are less likely to receive prevention care and advice and more likely to have a tooth extracted, compared to those from the least deprived, according to new research….

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