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Don’t blame the shopkeeper – food adverts demonstrate government control of wartime Britain

The government’s influence on the supply and demand for food available to British consumers during the Second World War went way beyond rationing, according to new research on the intervention by the Ministry of Food.

New research reveals the dark side of brand loyalty

New research is the first to establish the darker side of being devoted to your favourite brand. The study reveals that people buy items from their beloved brands because it makes them feel good and reinforces an image of the kind of person they want to be. But this strong brand attachment can encourage excessive purchasing and impulse-buying.

New European alliance to save the European flat oyster

Marine Biologist Dr Joanne Preston has helped to establish a European alliance for the conservation of the European flat oyster.

Professor Janis Shute

Repurposing heparin for inhalation may offer hope to millions with COPD

A drug used to thin blood has been found to also significantly improve the ability to breathe when inhaled by people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), for which there is no cure….

Great ape study nominated for breakthrough study award

An international study involving researchers from the University of Portsmouth has been nominated for the ‘Breakthrough study of the year’ by the influential magazine Science.

University of Portsmouth helps launch £26m National Biofilms Innovation Centre

The University of Portsmouth is a key player in a new National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) launched today to harness the UK’s world-class expertise in the research of biofilms. The Centre is a…

Scientist prises open a buried secret

A PhD graduate at the University of Portsmouth has won a prestigious academic prize for identifying tiny minerals hidden inside another mineral called rutile, in rocks once buried deep below the Earth’s surface…

Digital festival to help boost the employment rates of women

A new multi-million euro project to improve the employment rates of women from disadvantaged backgrounds by boosting their digital skills and knowledge is being officially launched at the University of Portsmouth next week….

Competition increases risk when exercising in heat

The dangers of exercising in hot conditions can increase when people compete against each other, according to a new study. The research shows that compared to solo exercise, individuals can perform faster in head-to-head competition in a hot environment, but this increases metabolic heat production and puts the body under greater strain.

Donkeys need more protection from winter than horses

Donkeys are not as able to keep warm as horses in the UK’s cold, damp winters, according to a new study. The study, by scientists at the Universities of Portsmouth and Canterbury Christ…

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