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Depression overshadows the past

Depressed people have a peculiar view of the past – rather than glorifying the ‘good old days’, they project their generally bleak outlook on to past events, according to new research. It is…


What does it take to thrive in elite sports?

Those at the top of their sporting game put their heart and soul into doing their best, but new research has shed light on why thriving at elite sports is far more complex…

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Breast cancer study in India shows how the country can avoid crisis

A new study examining breast cancer awareness in India has found that a lack of early diagnosis is leading the country towards an epidemic.

Professor Geoff Pilkington

New guidelines aim treat brain tumours more effectively

A University of Portsmouth academic has helped to develop European guidelines to treat brain tumours more effectively. Geoff Pilkington, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Neuro-oncology and one of the UK’s leading brain tumour…

Lung cancer metastasis to the brain where researchers used antibodies to CD15 to detect lung cancer cells residing in the brain.

New research could help to prevent the development of brain tumours

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth’s Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence have identified molecules which are responsible for metastatic lung cancer cells binding to blood vessels in the brain. In order for…

The Blanco telescope in Chile, where the DES observations have been taken. Image credit: the DES collaboration.

Map of the cosmos ‘sees’ the dark Universe

Scientists from University of Portsmouth have helped to create the most accurate map of the structure of dark matter in the Universe, supporting the theory that dark energy and dark matter make up…

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Citizen science volunteers driven by desire to learn

People who give up their time for online volunteering are mainly motivated by a desire to learn, a new study has found. The research surveyed volunteers on ‘citizen science’ projects and suggests that this type of volunteering could be used to increase general knowledge of science within society.

A new study has found that football referees don’t suffer as much criticism as they believe.

Lack of respect for referees may usher in major changes to football

How football is played and governed in England could be on the brink of a major shift, due to an appalling lack of respect shown to referees. New research by Dr Tom Webb at the University of Portsmouth found referees at all levels are routinely subjected to verbal and physical abuse

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Improving the employment rates of women through digital technology

The University of Portsmouth is leading a new multi-million euro project to improve the employment rates of women from disadvantaged backgrounds by boosting their digital skills and knowledge. The project will tackle the digital skills shortage that currently exists in the UK and France.

Holiday stress

Why holidays can make you sick – examining pre-holiday stress

With summer underway and school holidays around the corner, a Portsmouth academic is researching why people get stressed before they go on holiday.

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