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Mini cameras track the eyes at high speeds while liars deny recognition of people they know

Tiny eye movements reveal if suspect is lying about recognition

Researchers may soon be able to tell whether a suspect is lying about recognising someone they know.

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent

‘Mean blind spot’ leaves organisations vulnerable to cyber attack

New research has identified a ‘mean blind spot’, which leaves organisations vulnerable to cyber attack.

Victorian children web

Approach to childhood mental health based on Victorian values

The approaches to protecting children with mental health issues are much the same today as in Victorian and Edwardian times, new research shows.

HEFCE story

University wins funding to tackle sexual harassment

The University of Portsmouth is to share in £2.45 million funding from HEFCE to address concerns about sexual violence and harassment on university and college campuses. The grants, from HEFCE’s Catalyst Fund, were…

British Science Week 2017

Free British Science Week events in Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth has organised a number of exciting and free events as part of British Science Week, an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths from 10 to 19 March. The…

Ivory artifacts

The elephant in the sale room: New report calls for significant change to UK regulations on the sale of ivory

A new report out today (14 March) calls for a significant change to laws governing the sale of ivory in the UK. Global demand for ivory has seen almost 150,000 elephants lost to…

Professor Mike Tipton

Research expertise featured in RNLI campaign to reduce deaths from drowning in Ireland

Professor Mike Tipton from the Extreme Environments Laboratory has lent his expertise to the RNLI’s drowning prevention campaign ‘Respect the Water’ to reduce the number of people who lose their lives though drowning in…

UK and Ireland pictured from the International Space Station. Credit: Andre Kuipers/ESA/NASA.

Funding awarded to Portsmouth scheme to support space entrepreneurs

The University of Portsmouth is to share in £150,000 funding from The UK Space Agency to support entrepreneurs and small companies in the space industry.

Sherria Hoskins, Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Portsmouth

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Portsmouth wins funding to change lives

Disadvantaged students are to benefit from a new project, led by the University of Portsmouth, which aims to challenge stereotypes to raise the expectations of students and their teachers and to build belief…


New book could revolutionise frustrating user manuals

A new book which aims to take the frustration out of understanding user manuals has been published by an academic from the University of Portsmouth. Dr Stephen Crabbe, a Senior Lecturer in Applied…

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