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The relationship between tourism and a country's economy is comples

Tourism no panacea for undemocratic countries

Tourism doesn’t help poor, undemocratic countries thrive, according to new research. The idea that tourism can help reduce poverty in developing countries is over-simplified and the relationship, between tourism and a country’s economy,…


Scientists get closer look at Earth’s mysteries

Portsmouth geologists may eventually be able to shed light on two of the planet’s great mysteries after winning privileged access to a highly specialist laboratory. Dr Craig Storey and Dr James Darling, both…


One step closer to the perfect coffee

Mathematicians are a step closer to answering what, for some, is one of life’s most pressing questions – how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Advanced mathematical analysis of a “hideously complicated”…

Dr Claire Nee

One in ten burglary victims moves house

Being a victim of burglary has such a profound effect on some, that more than a million in the UK moved house as a result, according to new research. Victims of burglary have…

Dia Soilemezi's PhD research has been shortlisted for a prestigious award.

Award shortlisting for dementia research

A Portsmouth academic’s research project has been shortlisted for an award by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Dr Gordon Watson

Humble bait worm worth billions

The humble bait worm wriggling on the hook at the end of an angler’s line may be considered a low-value resource.

Thoughtful pregnant woman looking out the window

Portsmouth mums help change a generation

Mums-to-be across Portsmouth are being given the chance to help improve the futures of the next generation by taking part in a major new study. The University of Portsmouth birth cohort study –…

Dr Sassan Hafizi has been awarded almost £180,000 from the MS Society.

Major award for multiple sclerosis research

A University of Portsmouth scientist has won almost £180,000 to fund research that could help develop treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Dr Sassan Hafizi, a senior lecturer in the School of Pharmacy…

The cosmic microwave background over the whole sky, with the unusual ‘Cold Spot’ feature circled at the lower right.

Cosmological mystery solved by map of voids and superclusters

A team of astrophysicists at the University of Portsmouth have created the largest ever map of voids and superclusters in the Universe, which helps solve a long-standing cosmological mystery.


Witness identification methods on parade

Scientists are to carry out an in-depth study to see which form of witness identification of criminals works best – live line-up, video line-up, or mugshots. Dr Ryan Fitzgerald, at the University of…

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