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Wrap up warm: Donkeys are not as able to keep warm in the UK’s cold, damp winters

Donkeys need more protection from winter than horses

Donkeys are not as able to keep warm as horses in the UK’s cold, damp winters, according to a new study. The study, by scientists at the Universities of Portsmouth and Canterbury Christ…

Professor Mark Button

UK foots £190bn annual fraud bill

The annual cost of fraud in the UK is £190 billion, equal to around £10,000 per family, according to a new research study. The Annual Fraud Indicator 2017 reveals the staggering prevalence of…

Cryotherapy is 'very popular' in elite sport but new study shows it's of similar benefit to cold water immersion CREDIT: Erich Hohenauer

Cryotherapy versus ice baths: It’s a draw

The first study to compare the effect of cold water immersion versus extreme cold air has found very little difference between the two treatments on athletes’ muscle recovery. Cold water immersion has become…

Dressage Horseback Riding Horse Flange

Selenium might hold key to mystery of crib-biting in horses

Crib-biting in horses – a distressing compulsive disorder – might be related to a lack of trace element selenium in their diets, according to new research. The researchers, led by Dr Arash Omidi…


Research helps shipping companies save millions and save the planet

Shipping companies will be better able to organise their empty containers and the routes on which they travel, thanks to the development of a new optimisation model. The new system will improve logistics, saving time and money and reducing emissions.

Plastic pollution is a major issue that faces our oceans.

See Bin, Sea Change to combat marine plastic pollution

The University of Portsmouth is hosting a special event to raise awareness of marine plastic pollution on Friday 1 December. See Bin, Sea Change is a free event, open to the public, to…

‘My Hero’ is the seventh book in the series.

New book aims to improve children’s motivation and achievement

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth have produced a new children’s book that uses innovative research to raise pupils’ motivation and achievement.

A reconstruction of the mammals by palaeo-artist, Dr Mark Witton.

Man’s earliest ancestors discovered in southern England

Fossils of the oldest mammals related to mankind have been discovered on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset. The two teeth are from small, rat-like creatures that lived 145 million years ago in the shadow of the dinosaurs. They are the earliest undisputed fossils of mammals belonging to the line that led to human beings.

From left: Dr James McNicholas, Aya Awad and Dr Mohamed Bader-El-Den

Team develops early mortality risk prediction tool for intensive care

A new method for early mortality prediction in intensive care units (ICUs) has been published today by a team from the University of Portsmouth and Queen Alexandra Hospital. This study highlights the main…

Sumatran Orangutan
(Pongo abelii)
Batang Toru Population 

Togus, adult flanged male 

Batang Toru Forest
Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Project
North Sumatran Province 

New great ape species discovered in Indonesia

A new great ape species has been discovered in Indonesia’s upland forests by an international team of researchers, including the University of Portsmouth. With no more than 800 individuals, the new species —…

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