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Improving the employment rates of women through digital technology

The University of Portsmouth is leading a new multi-million euro project to improve the employment rates of women from disadvantaged backgrounds by boosting their digital skills and knowledge. The project, known as PONToon…

Holiday stress

Why holidays can make you sick – examining pre-holiday stress

With summer underway and school holidays around the corner, a Portsmouth academic is researching why people get stressed before they go on holiday.

C for Cosmology

Cosmologists produce new maps of dark matter dynamics

New maps of dark matter dynamics in the Universe have been produced by a team of international cosmologists. Using advanced computer modelling techniques, the research team has translated the distribution of galaxies into…

“The bubbles in the bath are like groups of people", said Dr Burridge

Physics of bubbles could explain language patterns

Language patterns could be predicted by simple laws of physics, a new study has found. Dr James Burridge has published a theory using ideas from physics to predict where and how dialects occur.


Could sharks help save shipping industry millions?

Whales, sharks, butterflies and lotus leaves might together hold the secret to saving the shipping industry millions and help save the planet, according to a marine biologist at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

Von Storch Breaker VSmall

Major New Exhibition of Historical Landscape Photography at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

The exhibition is entitled ‘East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography’ and is curated by Diane Waggoner.

The OSCE has 57 participating States from Europe, Central Asia and North America

Portsmouth expert authors international guidebook on intelligence-led policing

A new guidebook on intelligence-led policing was co-authored by a University of Portsmouth criminal investigation lecturer and a team of international experts.

Professor Steffen Lehmann presenting the strategies for the urban regeneration of Portsmouth

The Urban Future of Portsmouth

Professionals, academics and industry representatives discussed various aspects of the future of urban planning in Portsmouth at the third Industry and Alumni Breakfast hosted by the University of Portsmouth.

The study calls for stronger government intervention in China to implement food safety rules, regulations and support.

Study calls on Chinese government for stronger support of food safety laws and traceability systems

An international team of researchers, including the University of Portsmouth, has called for stronger government intervention in China to implement food safety rules, regulations and support. In recent years, China has seen a…

New research paves way for important technological applications

New research has made it possible for the first time to compare the spatial structures and positions of two distant objects, which may be very far away from each other, just by using…

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