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Colin Jagger worked for six years to reconstruct the original score to The Yeomen of

Painstaking research restores G&S operetta

After six years of painstaking research and restoration work, the full orchestral score of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, The Yeomen of the Guard, is to be published for the first time since it was written in 1888.


Help save GB place names from being lost

A new online project – GB1900 – is calling for volunteers across Great Britain to help make sure local place-names can live on rather than be lost for ever.

Lead researcher Liam Satchell talks to a participant

New study finds link between walk and aggression

The way people walk can give clues to how aggressive they are, a new exploratory study from the University of Portsmouth has found.

Guilt subject of new research

Psychologists at the University of Portsmouth have been awarded a research grant of £106,827 to study guilt in human social interaction. Dr Bridget Waller, Professor Aldert Vrij and PhD student Eglantine Julle-Daniere will…

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What stops women: Festival highlight

What stops thousands of girls and women from playing or staying in sport was one of the highlights of the British Science Festival this week. The numbers of women who play sport or…

ORS president Ruth Kaufmann (second from right) is welcomed  (left to right) by Andrew Osbaldestin, Djamila Ouelhadj and Pal Ahluwalia

Operational researchers debate key issues

Subjects from customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry to operating theatre waiting lists are being debated at the annual conference of the Operational Research Society (ORS) taking place at the University of Portsmouth this week.

Artist's impression of the small-bodied, Late Cretaceous azhdarchoid pterosaur from British Columbia. Image: Mark Witton.

Expert helps identify diminutive pterosaur

A pterosaur expert from the University of Portsmouth has helped to identify the 77-million-year-old fossil of a small-bodied flying reptile that could shed new light on life in the Late Cretaceous period. Dr…


Sophisticated maths simplifies appraisals

The immense challenges in delivering a fair, transparent and objective performance appraisal process in large organisations can be made much easier with a new approach developed by University of Portsmouth Business School researchers.

Professor Graham Galbraith and Assistant Chief Officer Andy Bowers joined by colleagues from ICJS and the Fire Service who developed the agreement

Agreement boost for fire investigation

Research and teaching in the forensic techniques of fire investigation at the University of Portsmouth is set for a major boost with the signing of an agreement with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

A new study has found that football referees don’t suffer as much criticism as they believe.

Referees need specialist leadership support

The success of the Premier League crackdown on intolerable behaviour of players and managers could depend on the leadership support given to elite referees, researchers from the University of Portsmouth suggest.

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