The cosmic microwave background over the whole sky, with the unusual ‘Cold Spot’ feature circled at the lower right.

Cosmological mystery solved by map of voids and superclusters

A team of astrophysicists at the University of Portsmouth have created the largest ever map of voids and superclusters in the Universe, which helps solve a long-standing cosmological mystery.

Lauren Steadman, University of Portsmouth 

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Paralympic glory for student Lauren

A University of Portsmouth Master’s student has won silver at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.


Student survey shows Portsmouth still outstanding

For the tenth year running the University of Portsmouth has excelled in the National Student Survey (NSS) and out-ranked the sector average for student satisfaction across all areas.

BEUTLER Dark energy - Florian Beutler - WEB - Copy

Cosmic map will throw light on ‘dark energy’

An international team of astronomers has created the largest ever three-dimensional map of distant galaxies in a bid to help them understand one of the most mysterious forces in the universe.

Marco Bruni - Copy

Scientists’ breakthrough in modelling universe

Research teams in Europe and the USA – including a cosmologist from the University of Portsmouth – have begun modelling the universe for the first time using Einstein’s full general theory of relativity….

Nigerian educationalists enjoyed a visit to Innovation Centre.

Enterprise insight for Nigerian visitors

Delegates from Nigeria were given an insight into enterprise development at the University of Portsmouth. A group of university and college executives visited the University’s Innovation Space as part of a five-day training…

An artist’s rendition of the galaxies: Akira (right) and Tetsuo (left) in action. Akira’s gravity pulls Tetsuo’s gas into its central supermassive black hole, fueling winds that have the power to heat Akira’s gas. The action of the black hole winds prevents a new cycle of star formation in Akira. Image Credit: Kavli IPMU

Star formation puzzle solved

A new study published in the journal Nature has found out why a mysterious kind of ‘galactic warming’ has prevented stars from forming in thousands of galaxies. A team of international astronomers announced…


Another rise for Portsmouth in Guardian’s guide

For the second year running the University of Portsmouth has risen six places in the Guardian University Guide, an independent ranking of quality in higher education.

Eddie headshot 2007

Eddie Izzard to speak at University EU referendum event

Actor, comedian and writer Eddie Izzard will speak at an EU referendum debate at the University of Portsmouth on 7 June.

Ground fire at Norris Geyser basin

Study sheds new light on human fire history

Human populations in North America might have used fire as a tool thousands of years earlier than previously thought, according to new research. The study from the University of Portsmouth has cast new…

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