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Nectar not just a ‘come on’ to bees, it’s a weapon of distraction – Iris bulleyana

Have flowers devised the perfect honeytrap?

Nectar, the high-energy ‘honey’ produced by flowers, might be a brilliant distraction technique to help protect a flower’s reproductive parts, according to new research.

(l-r): Emma Fields, University of Portsmouth Head of Brand Strategy and Corporate Communications; Anna Mitchell, Portsmouth FC Commercial Director; David Willan, University of Portsmouth Governor and former Portsmouth FC President; Mark Catlin, Portsmouth FC CEO; Professor Graham Galbraith, University of Portsmouth Vice-Chancellor

University kicks off partnership with Portsmouth Football Club

The University of Portsmouth is delighted to announce that it has signed a two-year deal to become Portsmouth Football Club’s Official Education Partner.

Portsmouth graduates the most successful in the South East

Portsmouth excellence recognised

Over the past 12 months, the University of Portsmouth has been recognised for its outstanding teaching and world-class research and innovation by a number of national and international rankings and awards. According to…


Depression overshadows the past

Depressed people have a peculiar view of the past – rather than glorifying the ‘good old days’, they project their generally bleak outlook on to past events, according to new research. It is…


What does it take to thrive in elite sports?

Those at the top of their sporting game put their heart and soul into doing their best, but new research has shed light on why thriving at elite sports is far more complex…

Indian women web

Breast cancer study in India shows how the country can avoid crisis

A new study examining breast cancer awareness in India has found that a lack of early diagnosis is leading the country towards an epidemic.

Portsmouth does more to boosts its graduates’ earnings that any other UK university.

Portsmouth ranked number one in the UK for boosting graduate salaries

Five years after graduation, the average University of Portsmouth graduate earns £3,100 (or 13 per cent) above expectations.

Professor Geoff Pilkington

New research could help to prevent the development of brain tumours

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth’s Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence have identified molecules which are responsible for metastatic lung cancer cells binding to blood vessels in the brain. In order for…

Happier than most: Portsmouth students filled out the National Student Survey in large numbers, rating the University highly

National rankings show Portsmouth students are highly satisfied

For the 11th year running, the University of Portsmouth has excelled in the National Student Survey (NSS) and is ranked in the top 15 per cent of institutions in the UK for student satisfaction.

The Blanco telescope in Chile, where the DES observations have been taken. Image credit: the DES collaboration.

Map of the cosmos ‘sees’ the dark Universe

Scientists from University of Portsmouth have helped to create the most accurate map of the structure of dark matter in the Universe, supporting the theory that dark energy and dark matter make up…

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