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The research findings appear to suggest dogs are sensitive to humans’ attention and that expressions are attempts to communicate

Dogs are more expressive when someone is looking

Dogs produce more facial expressions when humans are looking at them, according to new research from the University of Portsmouth. Scientists at the University’s Dog Cognition Centre are the first to find clear…

DECam Composite Event With Arrow-web

Cosmic gold: Portsmouth researchers herald new era of gravitational wave astronomy

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth are part of the global announcement today of a new astronomical object, a kilonova – the cosmic explosion of two colliding neutron stars. The kilonova was initially…

FORD-Gammarus heatmap-WEB

Cocktail tests on toxic waste called for

Surprisingly low concentrations of toxic chemicals – from fungicides to antidepressants – can change the way some aquatic creatures swim and feed, according to new research. In addition, depending on the cocktail of…

Matthew Weait, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Professor awarded prestigious fellowship

Matthew Weait, Professor of Law and Society and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, has been made a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.


Award win for student films on deep vein thrombosis

A series of student films about deep vein thrombosis (DVT) have been shortlisted for a national award. Students created two videos and two animations highlighting best practice around preventing and living with DVT.


Citizen scientists needed to help shed light on the sex life of the lugworm

Love is in the air along our coastlines and the Institute of Marine Sciences needs your help to keep an eye out for signs of passion in the lugworm population.

Nurse and elderly man spending time together

New tool helps GPs assess frailty in the elderly

Researchers have designed a new tool designed to help GPs assess which older people are the most frail and vulnerable.

The cosmological ‘constant’ (illustrated by the straight yellow line) is introduced to explain the accelerated expansion of the Universe (shown as the expanding blue cone) due to the presence of dark energy. The study instead suggests that the contribution of dark energy to this expansion is time-dependent (grey curve). The uncertainty of this time dependency is also shown (blue shaded area).

Astronomers reveal evidence of dynamical dark energy

An international research team, including astronomers from the University of Portsmouth, has revealed evidence of dynamical dark energy. The discovery, recently published in the journal Nature Astronomy, found that the nature of dark…

An aerial video view of Hurricane Maria over Dominica, collected by the Caribbean Disaster & Emergency Management  Agency

Students and residents work to help hurricane rescue efforts

Within days of the Caribbean island of Dominica being devastated by hurricanes, 60 University of Portsmouth staff, students and local residents created up-to-date damage maps to help the rescue effort. The digital maps…

SHEPHERD-beetroot-UOP News

Beetroot fails to warm up those sensitive to cold

In people at higher risk of feeling the cold, and contrary to what scientists thought, beetroot juice doesn’t appear to help re-warm the body after exposure to the cold, according to new research….

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