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A comic produced for project by Louis Netter (University of Portsmouth).

Tackling air pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa

The University of Portsmouth is helping to tackle air pollution and its harmful effects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Researchers from the University’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are part of the AIR (Action…

A juvenile seahorse

Amazing diversity of species reported on Solent oyster restoration project

A surprising diversity of species including seahorses and critically endangered eels have been reported in the Solent. They have been found inhabiting oyster cage systems, which are part of a major conservation project…

Fortress: The blood brain barrier CREDIT: Samah Jassam

New model may help overcome the brain’s fortress-like barrier

Scientists have helped provide a way to better understand how to enable drugs to enter the brain and how cancer cells make it past the blood brain barrier. The brain is protected by the near-impermeable…

Lead researcher Michelle Lampe works with a wolf, as reported in Scientific Reports CREDIT: Felicity Robinson, Wolf Science Center

Wolves understand cause and effect better than dogs

Domestic dogs may have lost some of their innate animal skill when they came in from the wild, according to new research conducted at the Wolf Science Center in Austria. In a study…

WAGSTAFF-Chris 002 (1)

Sportspeople can face retirement identity crisis

New research shows how top-level sportspeople can struggle to adjust to life after retirement, with their identities continuing to be defined by their former careers. The research, published in the journal Qualitative Research…

Celebrating our shared history: Portsmouth mayor, ccc vvv and Ouistreham mayor, Romain Bail in portsmouth

New bridge of understanding between France and UK

Historians from the University of Portsmouth are to play a role in a new €15m museum on the D-Day beaches celebrating the 1,000 year relationship between France and Britain. Historians, politicians and tourism…

A macaque monkey on Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico CREDIT: Jamie Whitehouse

Looking stressed can help keep the peace

Scratching is more than an itch — when it is sparked by stress, it appears to reduce aggression from others and lessen the chance of conflict. Scratching can be a sign of stress…


Scientist finds secret to thriving

From a teenager studying for their exams to an employee succeeding at work, thriving can be seen at all ages and across all cultures. Until now and despite plenty of theories, there has…

Dr Richard Teeuw (right) and co-researcher Dr Nick Mount of Nottingham University, outside the Presidential Palace in Bogata.

Helping in the fight against illegal gold mining in Colombia

A University of Portsmouth disaster specialist is helping with the fight in Colombia against illegal gold mining and its impacts, from deforestation and toxic pollution, to socio-economic pressures on nearby communities. Dr Richard…

Jenika and Shanil Gudka web

Online fashion brand launched by brother and sister team

When most brothers and sisters grow up arguing and building Lego, Shanil and Jenika Gudka were making business plans and building empires. The pair have just launched their own e-commerce business and designer clothing brand.

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