Alt-right claims to march in step with the Knights Templar – this is fake history

Patrick Masters, University of Portsmouth When market trader Tina Gayle was banned from selling mugs featuring Knights Templar logos in a Loughborough Market, Charnwood Borough Council ruled that they were offensive to Muslims….

New research reveals the dark side of brand loyalty

New research is the first to establish the darker side of being devoted to your favourite brand. The study reveals that people buy items from their beloved brands because it makes them feel good and reinforces an image of the kind of person they want to be. But this strong brand attachment can encourage excessive purchasing and impulse-buying.

Portsmouth graduate wins prestigious travel industry award

An independent travel business set up by a University of Portsmouth graduate has won a prestigious travel award in recognition of their hard work and dedication to travel in 2017. Party Hard Travel,…

New European alliance to save the European flat oyster

Marine Biologist Dr Joanne Preston has helped to establish a European alliance for the conservation of the European flat oyster.

Applied Theatre performs for 500 local schoolchildren

University of Portsmouth drama students recently created a series of six original children’s plays that toured five schools throughout Portsmouth. Around 500 schoolchildren at Ark Ayrton Academy, Meon Junior School, Beacon View Primary…

A Levels May Not Be Barbaric But They Are Extremely Wasteful

Writing in the Huff Post, Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Galbraith examines whether A-levels are fit for purpose and if they need to be re-structured to respond to the needs of today’s students. Read the full article here…

Do tourists visit Britain because of the royal family?

Claire Haven-Tang, Cardiff Metropolitan University *Reviewed by Liz Sharples, University of Portsmouth The royals draw millions of tourists every year. The Daily Mail, November 20, 2017. The Royal family are so important for…

International students take centre stage at degree ceremony

More than 190 University of Portsmouth students from Southeast Asia were awarded their degrees in a ceremony in Singapore this week. Students from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei and China were…

Professor Janis Shute

Repurposing heparin for inhalation may offer hope to millions with COPD

A drug used to thin blood has been found to also significantly improve the ability to breathe when inhaled by people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), for which there is no cure….

‘I bequeath U…’: when a text message can count as your will

‘I bequeath U…’: when a text message can count as your will Juliet Brook, University of Portsmouth In a recent case in Queensland, Australia, an unsent text found on a man’s phone after…

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