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New research could help to prevent the development of brain tumours

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth’s Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence have identified molecules which are responsible for metastatic lung cancer cells binding to blood vessels in the brain. In order for…

Happier than most: Portsmouth students filled out the National Student Survey in large numbers, rating the University highly

National rankings show Portsmouth students are highly satisfied

For the 11th year running, the University of Portsmouth has excelled in the National Student Survey (NSS) and is ranked in the top 15 per cent of institutions in the UK for student satisfaction.


‘The day the world changed’ – a former trader on how the credit crunch kicked off

It began in earnest on August 9 2007. Alexis Stenfors, University of Portsmouth When I received a phone call from a trader colleague at Merrill Lynch on August 9 2007, I was…

The Blanco telescope in Chile, where the DES observations have been taken. Image credit: the DES collaboration.

Map of the cosmos ‘sees’ the dark Universe

Scientists from University of Portsmouth have helped to create the most accurate map of the structure of dark matter in the Universe, supporting the theory that dark energy and dark matter make up…


What the physics of bubbles can tell us about language

Jacob Lund/ James Burridge, University of Portsmouth What do the physics of bubbles have in common with the way you and I speak? Not a lot, you might think. But my recently published…


Return of ‘The L Word’: representing lesbian desire on screen in a new era

Deborah Shaw, University of Portsmouth LGBT social media networks were recently buzzing with news that a reboot of The L Word, the lesbian drama that ran for six series between 2004-09, is in…

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Citizen science volunteers driven by desire to learn

People who give up their time for online volunteering are mainly motivated by a desire to learn, a new study has found. The research surveyed volunteers on ‘citizen science’ projects and suggests that this type of volunteering could be used to increase general knowledge of science within society.

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Architecture students scoop multiple prizes

Four students from the School of Architecture have been awarded prizes for their work by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

A new study has found that football referees don’t suffer as much criticism as they believe.

Lack of respect for referees may usher in major changes to football

How football is played and governed in England could be on the brink of a major shift, due to an appalling lack of respect shown to referees. New research by Dr Tom Webb at the University of Portsmouth found referees at all levels are routinely subjected to verbal and physical abuse

The programme will provide rewarding post service careers to service personnel .

University wins major teaching contract to train military Service Leavers

The University of Portsmouth has won a major national contract to train armed forces personnel to work as further education teachers and trainers. The Further Forces programme is a scheme to retrain military Service Leavers to teach science, engineering and technology.

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