Dental Academy recognised for its excellent care

Dental Academy shortlisted for award

The University of Portsmouth Dental Academy has been nominated for ‘Dental Practice of the Year’ award in the city’s Best of Health Awards. The winner will be announced at the awards evening on November…

Old drug could provide cancer breakthrough

Geoff Pilkington, University of Portsmouth In 1998, I received an intriguing handwritten note. It came from David Wilkie, emeritus professor at University College London, and asked if I thought the antidepressant drug clomipramine…

Map of voids and clusters solves cosmological puzzle

Seshadri Nadathur, University of Portsmouth Since its discovery in 2008, astronomers have been puzzled by a cosmic mystery so vexing that it has even led some to question whether the general theory of…

Impact Week, University of Portsmouth. 

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Business students get head start

More than 1,500 students at Portsmouth Business School had their minds, contact networks and employment opportunities broadened at the school’s annual Impact week. Employment and enterprise is the focus of the school’s Impact…

The University-led Portsmouth DarkFest will be keeping the Halloween spirit going for the next month.

Festival celebrates city’s art of darkness

Ghost stories, urban legends, historical serial killers and ‘Pompey noir’ are just a few of the subjects set to be explored in a month-long festival celebrating the darker side of art and culture.

Research shows nations really do go to war over oil

Petros Sekeris, University of Portsmouth and Vincenzo Bove, University of Warwick The “thirst for oil” is often put forward as a near self-evident explanation behind military interventions in Libya, for instance, or Sudan….

Panama Papers: drip-drip effect will be worrying Putin

Sean Roberts, University of Portsmouth The early Russian media reaction to the claims from the Panama Papers that Putin’s close associate channelled more than $2 billion to offshore companies has been quite predictable:…

Intersex demon shrimp coming to river near you

Alex Ford, University of Portsmouth Demon vs killer shrimp sounds like the latest CGI movie to come out of Hollywood. But in fact these are two particularly pernicious crustaceans that have been making…

Vacuum bombs latest in long history of atrocity

Peter Lee, University of Portsmouth Imagine taking a deep breath then submerging yourself in water. Then imagine having all of the oxygen forced instantaneously from your body. Try to inhale again. But instead…

Finalists - left to right - John Wheal, Casper Nielson, Harry Phelan, Calvin Macleod and Ming Wu

Three student entrepreneurs in competition final

Three out of five finalists in a competition to find the best young entrepreneurial talent are students/graduates from the Faculty of Technology.

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