Ink stigma: the Japanese tattoo artists fighting back

Stephen Crabbe, University of Portsmouth Whether you love tattoos or hate them, the British clearly have something of a penchant for engraving their bodies with inky art. There are a staggering 2,228 tattoo…

Angelica Catalani

Recreating the spirit of a Mariah-Carey-like Diva in a unique performance of Handel’s Messiah

A unique recreation of a performance of Handel’s Messiah from 1812, which featured the great prima donna Angelica Catalani, is being performed in Portsmouth next month. More than 200 performers from the University of…


Is public spending the key to happiness?

Spending generously on public services might be the key to society’s long-term happiness, according to a visiting human geography expert speaking at the University of Portsmouth yesterday. A public lecture on what geography…

Alex Marin's designs backstage

Graduates showcase work at London Fashion Week

Four Fashion and Textile Design graduates have showcased their collections at London fashion week.

Dr Diana Fleischman

Knee-jerk disgust is holding humans back

Feeling revolted by something unpleasant or offensive is holding back humanity, according to a scientist. Disgust is often a knee-jerk response to the new or alien, according to Dr Diana Fleischman, a comparative…


Universal Credit: from benefits panacea to government blunder

Dan Finn, University of Portsmouth Only a fraction of the households in the UK originally intended to be receiving a new one-stop benefit payment in 2017 are currently doing so. As of January…

Myanmar flag

Aung San Suu Kyi has no excuse for staying silent on the Rohingya crisis

Tom Smith, University of Portsmouth Aung San Suu Kyi, the famed and much fawned-over former opposition leader of Myanmar, cannot be immune to criticism. Undoubtedly a force for good in opposition, I believe…

3.	Senegal ties: Jana Konig on placement in Senegal, where she later returned to work afte r graduating from the University of Portsmouth

Building bridges between the UK and Senegal

A close friendship between two universities – one in Portsmouth, and the other in Senegal, Africa – is celebrating the 30th anniversary of changing lives in both countries. The University of Portsmouth and…

HRH The Princess Royal meets David Hargreaves of AstraZeneca (left) and John McGeehan of the University of Portsmouth (right). Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire.
Visit of HRH The Princess Royal to celebrate Diamond Light Source's double anniversary and officially open the VMXi beamline.
(L-R): Professor John McGeehan, Director at the institute of biomedical and biomolecular science, the University of Portsmouth, meets HRH The Princess Royal..

Photograph By: Sean Dillow.
Diamond Light Source.

New beamline to boost advances in biomedical research

University of Portsmouth researchers were the first academics to use Diamond Light Source’s new Versatile Macromolecular crystallography in situ (VMXi) beamline, the only one of its kind worldwide which was unveiled today. A transformation…

Mark Button

Would you resort to bribery? Studies show many would

Mark Button, University of Portsmouth It’s notoriously difficult to gauge how often people are willing to offer someone a bribe to get what they want. A 2007 survey suggested that across a range…

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