Females with a 30 to 34 underband, B to C cup, required for breast research study.

Research Title: Incorporating the neutral breast position into biomechanical breast measurements, mathematical breast models, and assessment of breast support garments.

Department: Department of Sport and Exercise Science

The Research Group in Breast Health are recruiting females with bra size between 30 to 34, B to C for a study investigating the breast neutral position.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the breast in its neutral position (i.e. the position of the breast without the influence of forces such as gravity). This will involve measurement of the neutral breast position (using water immersion) and subsequent measurements of breast motion and skin strain in the bare-breasted condition during treadmill running.

Volunteers must be:

  • Age: 35 - 39
  • Gender: Female
  • Staff/Student: Both

We are looking for participants who:

Are recreationally fit (at least 30 minutes of exercise twice a week),
Are able to run on a treadmill,
Are comfortable in water (immersion to neck level),
Have not given birth,
Have not undergone any surgical procedures to the breast,
Are not currently, experiencing any injury or illness that may affect your ability to exercise,
Do not have any allergy to hypoallergenic tape, surgical dressing or chlorine,
Do not have pacemaker.

More Information:

In return for taking part, you will receive £15.

  • Dates: 23/08/2018 to 28/09/2018
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Location: Spinnaker Building

If you would like more information, contact Michelle Norris at michelle.norris@port.ac.uk

This testing has been reviewed by the Science Faculty ethics committee and been given the following ethics code: Ethics Reference Number : SFEC 2016-116

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