June 2018

Wiltshire car park closed for resurfacing – 16 July to 31 July

We apologise for any inconvenience and during this time please use alternative car parks. If you have any problems or concerns about this work please contact Estates and Campus Services Department on 6677.

No, mobile phones should not be banned in schools

Access to mobile technology can be both a blessing and a curse. Smart phones are used to make calls, run businesses and organise social lives. But they also raise concerns over their potential…

University logo revealed on Portsmouth Football Club’s new kit

Portsmouth Football Club’s new home kit has been revealed today – with our name emblazoned right across the shirt.

Women engineers support international diversity drive

The University of Portsmouth and Mary Rose Trust have supported International Women in Engineering Day (June 23) by holding an event for female engineers to discuss the future of the profession. Yesterday’s networking…

How we proved Einstein right on galactic scales – and what it means for dark energy and dark matter

Gravity may be the weakest of the fundamental forces in nature, but it is ultimately what enabled life on Earth to evolve. Thanks to its weak attractiveness over long distances, mass in the…

Einstein proved right in another galaxy

An international team of astronomers have made the most precise test of gravity outside our own solar system. By combining data taken with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the European Southern Observatory’s Very…

Portsmouth to host Europe’s most important information systems event

Academics and professionals from around the world will be attending Europe’s most important European conference on information systems research at the University of Portsmouth this week (23-28 June). The European Conference on Information…

University secures planning for £53m sports facility

The new facility will significantly transform the student experience, promoting health and wellbeing through the provision of a wide range of sports and fitness activities, and strengthen connections with rest of the city. It will also enhance the University’s sport and fitness related research and innovation programmes.

University of Portsmouth student selected to represent England in World Cup

First year Sports Science student, Kieran Lambourne, is raising funds for the England team to attend the World Amputee Football Federation World Cup after being selected to play as goalkeeper for the team.

Could you help build a galaxy?

Have you ever wanted to help build a galaxy? Now’s your chance. Galaxy Builder is a new citizen science project from the University of Portsmouth, where volunteers reconstruct images of galaxies to help…

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