The old logo needs to go – your help is needed…

You will have seen the new brand around campus, and may have seen it at train stations and in HE publications, like The Times Higher. Our brand is really starting to get out there and be noticed. The University wish to now finalise the transition to the new brand by disposing of all items branded with the old logo. This needs to be completed by 4 July in preparation for our first Open Day. We need your help to make this final change across campus, ensuring everything is in new brand and the old logo is removed.  

Whether you have old posters on the wall, wear branded clothes, or have leaflets buried deep in a cupboard, it’s time to replace, ditch and declutter. Marketing has teamed up with Estates and Campus Services to make this as easy as possible for everyone, with a Brand Amnesty from Monday 21 May to Friday 15 June, where all old brand materials can be disposed of in the most sustainable way.

You can drop off your items in amnesty bins in reception areas, or call Estates and Campus Services Helpdesk (6677) to organise a large collection right from your desk or cupboard, or take items to Spinnaker sports reception. The caretakers will take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved so far. With everyone’s help we aim to create a consistent experience for our visitors and prospective students when they see our University for the first time at Open Days this July.

What will happen to the items?

Item Sustainable disposal
Clothing and tablecloths (including fleeces, coats and polo shirts) Disposed of securely at a waste facility that generates energy as a byproduct of the disposal process.
Ceramic mugs Broken up to be reused as aggregate
Paper/ cardboard Recycled into paper products and cardboard packaging
Pull up banners These can be reused with a new skin if in good working order
Other (Mesh banners, coasters, pens, lanyards, umbrellas) These items are collected by Suez, our waste company, as general waste. They then sort the items for appropriate disposal, this includes recycling and energy from waste

Who do I contact if I have queries on what or how to replace items?
Email with any questions about the brand amnesty or if you’re not sure how to go about replacing any old brand items.

Where can I find further information on the rebrand project?
The website has information on the project and you can also find the guidance and logos.

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  1. I am very concerned that this is happening in this way. Many of these items could be reused. For a University that has green and ethical aspirations this is extremely wasteful.

    • Marketing has worked with Estates and Campus Services to dispose of all items in the most sustainable way with an ethical approach over the past year. This is simply the final stage of the changeover and many items have already been disposed of. As part of our corporate responsibility, we are making sure we dispose of items ethically and sustainably whilst also protecting our reputation and brand by ensuring items with the old logo are removed.

  2. Myself and my colleagues are happy to hand in all our old lanyards and other old logo branded items, but can they be replace with the new logo items without it being a cost to members of staff.

    • As part of the rebrand project significant items have been budgeted for centrally, like the signage and uniforms. In the run-up to, and at time of launch, of the new brand we let all departments know they would be responsible for changing items to the new brand including mugs for visitors, fleeces and umbrellas, and so on. We aimed to provide a long lead time for rebranding of the University to give everyone time to plan the replacement of items with the old logo on them.

      To support the final transition Marketing and Communications are able to offer a small number of new branded lanyards and pens. If these are required please email

      If you are unsure as to what your department has in plan for any remaining items requiring rebranding, please speak to your line manager in the first instance.

  3. To note – the large map with the old logo at Portsmouth and Southsea station might want to be updated.

    • Thank you we are working on this. If anyone else sees anything let us know.

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