Staff Survey Results – Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Dear colleagues

Thank you once again to all who took part in the 2017 Staff Survey. I am grateful that a significant number of colleagues completed the survey and as promised the University has donated £11,450 to support students experiencing financial difficulty.

We are a successful institution because of the efforts and commitment of everyone throughout the University. That is why this survey matters, with a large majority of staff feeling proud to work for the University and positive to recommend us as a great place to be a student. However, like any other organisation, there is always room to improve. To do that we need to actively address together the areas identified in the survey where there is room for improvement, such as dealing with poor performance effectively.

I appreciate that there was a sense that nothing changed after the 2015 Staff Survey, so why will it be any different now? In fact, a number of improvements were made but we recognise that we could have better highlighted these examples. It is also clear that we could have been more focused by setting a smaller number of University wide actions where we could have had a greater impact. It is important, therefore, that in responding to the 2017 survey, we take a more coordinated approach.

Deans and managers will be sent results for their areas to analyse and share with colleagues as part of a six-week conversation period. Local action plans will be produced by the end of April with key themes fed back through faculties and departments to me and the University Executive Board. Staff will be kept informed throughout this process, the intention being to ensure a more focused approach.

As an Executive Board we are taking responsibility for University-wide actions but we do need your support. We all can engage and take responsibility for making improvements and addressing concerns in our local areas by working together to make the University an even better place to work. This matters, as I have said on many occasions, our continued success is dependent on our people working effectively and positively to achieve shared objectives.

I am confident that we will grasp this opportunity to build on our recent success by continually improving the University as a place to work with all of us sharing a common sense of belonging.


Professor Graham Galbraith

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