Minefields and military tents – students put their leadership skills to the test

Students learned how to dodge minefields and assemble tents in a series of military tasks designed to test and develop their leadership skills.

Around 30 final-year Business and Law students took part in the event organised by Thunderer Squadron as part of their Critical Leadership unit.

Thunderer Squadron is part of the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS), which gives officer cadets the opportunity to study a technical degree at associated universities like Portsmouth while undergoing their military training.

The event in Ravelin Park included a series of command or practical leadership tasks which tested the students for leadership, communication, control, team-working and problem solving skills. These kind of tasks are frequently used by all three services of the Armed Forces, both in the selection phase and throughout training for assessment purposes.

Business and Management student Dan Alberts is interested in taking up a career in the Armed Forces and found the event to be a very beneficial experience. Dan said: “The leadership tasks were a lot of fun and a great way to learn. As a naval officer applicant, it was the perfect opportunity for me to practice my leadership skills ready for the Admiralty Interview Board.”

Abidola Bello, also a Business and Management student, enjoyed assembling a military tent despite it being difficult. He said: “Some of the hard tasks became fun, we all had fun trying to solve the problems with logic and critical thinking.”

Captain Jonathan Kinahan, who organised the tasks and trains the officer cadets at Thunderer Squadron, added: “The students really enjoyed themselves but more importantly they put themselves to the test and hopefully learned a lot about their own leadership skills, strengths and weaknesses. The event has also been a great opportunity for Thunderer Squadron and DTUS to gain more exposure and strengthen its links with UoP.”

Andrew Stewart OBE, the Unit Coordinator and the University Representative on the Military Education Committee, was delighted with the success of the event and added that DTUS have kindly agreed to support this unit with similar tasks in future years.

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