CCI Employability Day 2018

Wednesday 31 January 2018, marked the first CCI Employability Day, offering students exclusively from the CCI Faculty, an opportunity to gain a real insight into careers within the creative industries.

The afternoon began with an opening address from Associate Dean, Simon Brookes and a keynote speech on careers in the creative Industries from Mediacom’s Tom Curtis, in which reflected on his own experience and career to inspire the lecture theatre full of students.

Following the opening speeches, students were free to attend pre-booked skill sessions, hosted by a selection of industry experts. The available skill sessions addressed:

  • Networking and Self-presentation
  • CVs in the Creative Industries: an employers point of view
  • Resilience to navigate the career wilderness
  • The importance of your Intellectual Property

After the skill sessions, came the Information Fair, with the Foyer packed full of students, all eager to interact and network with a range of key creative industry exhibitors, including: Creative SkillsetMediacomIMG, and 3cubed.

Each stand had students gathered around, listening as employers shared their advice and experience on working in the Creative Industries, and shared the opportunities they have to offer students and graduates.

Another popular feature of the day was the LinkedIn Photo Booth, that offered students a chance to have a head shot taken by a professional photographer, to help build their LinkedIn profile, and make a good, professional first impression to potential employers.

As the information fair began to quiet down, the Creative Careers team opened up the Eldon Cafe for the Meet the Employer portion of the day, in which students were able to talk to employers one to one, get specific advice, and ask any questions they hadn’t managed to ask during the Information Fair.

Dr Emma Austin attended this segment of the day, providing students with a multitude of top interview tips, including how to make a good first impression, and how important posture, and a strong handshake is.

The Meet the Employer event saw students chat with employers over canapes and drinks, they were able to network, and build contacts, which could prove invaluable in the future.

Overall the CCI Employability Day was an incredible event, that offered students exclusively from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries a chance to consider their career, and future after graduation.

The day highlighted just some of the remarkable opportunities that the creative industries has to offer, that students may not have considered or even known about.

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