Feeling thirsty? Where to refill your water bottle

There are several water coolers around campus you can use to rehydrate between lectures or during your study hours. Drinking water is available in all sports centres, University cafes and restaurants as well as other places around campus. See the list below to find the nearest one to you.

Anglesea Building

-Room 1.05
-Room 1.56

Eldon Building

-Room 0.116 West Wing
-Ground floor, East Wing
-First floor, East Wing
-First floor, South Wing
-Room 1.104 South Wing

Innovation Space

-Ground Floor, reception

Institute of Marine Sciences

-Ground floor, A-block lobby

Careers and Employability Service

-Ground floor

Langstone Student Village

Ground floor:

-Male changing rooms
-Female changing rooms


Ground floor:

-Main entrance
-Teaching room corridor

Second floor:

-Area 2B


-Floor 0, Prayer rooms

Nuffield Centre

-Ground floor, Chaplaincy

Park building

-Ground floor, refectory
-Richmond building
-Ground floor, by WC’s
-Third floor, lobby

St George’s building

-Room 0.05, reception

Sports Centre

-St Paul’s Gym, first floor, changing rooms lobby x2
-Spinnaker Sports Centre, ground floor, reception x 2

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  1. The drinking fountain locations in the University Library given here are incorrect. You can find drinking water fountains in the Library in these three locations:

    – Main entrance
    – Teaching Room corridor

    – Area 2B

    • Thanks David,

      The article has now been updated.

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