Staff Member publishes First Children’s Novel

IMG_6005[1]Andy Mcintosh’s first children’s book ‘The Waggledancing Dragon’ has been published by Grimlock Press.

The Waggledancing Dragon is a fantasy comedy, aimed at 10-13 year olds. It is the story of a boring little town where nothing ever happens, right up until a dragon comes to stay on a nearby mountain, sending the whole place into a panic!

Andy has worked in the Admissions Department for a number of years. The idea for his first novel came about more out of necessity than anything else, as he failed to bring any books to read to his kids at bedtime on holiday in Scotland, and the distillery tour leaflet only entertained them so far. So, he decided to make up a story for them about a dragon who was fed up with being a dragon.

The novel has been nominated for the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2017 and many copies have already been snapped up in time for Christmas. Andy is delighted with the interest in his book, which he dedicated to his own two children Fin and Eva.

Paperbacks and Kindle Editions are available from Amazon.

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