Student System Programme underway

The Student Systems Programme (SSP) is now in the procurement phase, which continues until February.

37_HY_FRESHERS_FAYRE_070During the next month over 80 members of staff will be involved in the tender evaluation process that will identify a preferred supplier. This recommendation will be put forward to the appropriate boards ahead of it going to Board of Governors in January.

The journey to this point began nearly two years ago with the Registry:Transform project.  One of the key findings of Registry:Transform was the need to consider a new student system as the consultations across the University’s community (part of stage 1, phases 1 and 2, of Registry:Transform) identified various opportunities for improvement and gaps in the current student system capability.

This work led to the formation of the ‘Student System Programme’, and has since been built on iteratively and has culminated in high level ‘must have’ core requirements. This enables the Programme to support the procurement and validate doing the right things at the right time. Today we are armed with a more comprehensive understanding of where we want to be and what is required to inform the end solution.

Once the contract has been awarded the project will enter a Discovery phase in which the supplier will work with the team to develop a detailed vision and design of the overall system, inform new processes, and mitigate risks for the first Implementation phase.

This detailed Discovery phase will include workshops and collaborations to prepare us for change, and will utilise the expertise of staff across the whole community. This approach recognises that all staff have a role to play, but not everyone plays it at the same time.

Once a supplier is appointed, there will be briefing information for staff and students with regular updates on the workings of the team and how staff and students can contribute to development.

For further information please read the programme webpage. If you have any further questions please contact the programme team on

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