A city you share – being a good neighbour in Portsmouth

neighbourAs you settle into the autumn term, we ask all students to reflect on the impact you have on the city.

Portsmouth is a vibrant city, with a rich naval history, a lively arts and music scene and many independent businesses, as well as the usual high street stores and bars. In just a few days, 24,000 of you have arrived in the city to live, study and socialise. As a member of the University community we ask to you work with us to manage the huge presence and impact we have on the city.

Portsmouth already feels like home for many students. We ask you, as students, to look out for each other’s safety and welfare. When you are out and about in the city, we also expect you to be a good neighbour and responsible citizen.

Anita Butler, VP Welfare and Community, said: “It’s great to see so many students enjoying their first couple of weeks here in Portsmouth. It’s important to remember that we share this city with the local community and it’s home to many people so please consider them too.”

“Enjoy being in this wonderful city – your home from home! But please respect those you share it with, particularly when on Guildhall walk. There are homeless people in Portsmouth who, despite unfortunately not having a physical home, share this city with us and should be respected just as much as the next person. So please be mindful of this when you’re out and about in Portsmouth. My main message is ‘treat everyone as you wish to be treated yourself’’.”

The University and the UPSU have launched a Speak UP Step UP Campaign that builds upon the culture of dignity and respect that we always strive to uphold at the University of Portsmouth.

Please support our campaign and keep in mind that we share this city with lots of people who call Portsmouth home, it’s important we show them the same respect we would our communities where we grew up. You can read the University of Portsmouth Student Charter also.

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