Historical Association programme 2017-2018

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10 October – Operation TadpoleHA

Dr John Bevan, the Diving Museum, diver and author
The British anti-sabotage operations against the Italian frogmen attacks in Gibraltar during WWII.

14 November – The 1917 Russian Revolution: How Lenin took power

Dr Paul Flenley, University of Portsmouth
Was October 1917 a revolution or coup? Changing views on how Lenin and the Bolsheviks came to power.

12 December – Shipwrecks around the British Isles

Alexzandra Hildred, Head of Research, Mary Rose Trust
A member of the archaeology team who has dived on the Mary Rose and many other wrecks has tales of diving and the artefacts discovered.


9 January – Are English liberties a Danish gift? The constitutional significance of Cnut’s 1018 Oxford peace accord

Neil McDougall, local historian and researcher
The significance of the late-Saxon period is examined using available records.

13 February – The Strange Afterlives of Captain Cook

Dr John McAleer, University of Southampton
The 250th anniversary of Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific prompts this examination of this naval man.

13 March – Southampton’s people and their possessions 1250-1500

Prof. Chris Woolgar, University of Southampton
Prof Woolgar’s current research centres on objects of daily life, their significance and the meaning of material culture in later Middle Ages.

8 May – AGM + Representation of the People Act 1918

Prof. Pat Thane, Research Professor in Contemporary British History, King’s College, London

All at 7.00pm to finish by 8.30 pm. Talk followed by questions and answers.

In Park Building, King Henry I Street, University of Portsmouth PO1 2DZ
Evening parking in street NOT available.
Local members: £5 (October-May) Visitors: £1 per talk
Further info: Judith Wise, Branch Secretary. judewise1@googlemail.com

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