Make your home safer with a personalised fire safety plan

safe and sideHampshire Fire and Rescue Service have provided an easy to use questionnaire which delivers a personalised report on how to reduce the risk of fire and keep your home safe.

The Safe and Sound questionnaire will assess fire safety by asking a few simple questions which should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. It can be run on smart phone, tablet or computer and asks for no personal details from you unless you require a copy of the report to be sent by email. Once the report has been sent to you, the email address will be automatically deleted.

The report you will receive works on a traffic light system where:

Green = good

Amber = you have one or two issues

Red = please read the report carefully, there are things you can do to make yourself and the people you live with safer.

If you get a red signal, there is no need to contact the fire service; the report will tell you what you need to do and the fire service will not be contacting you.

Access the questionnaire on the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service website here.


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