Final mole and skin checking clinic for 2017

occupational-health-tree-300x180A further session has been arranged for 2017 due to the ongoing popularity of the mole and skin checking clinics. The clinics are coordinated by and facilitated in Occupational Health, and run by Specialist Dermatology Nurses from Portsmouth Hospitals Trust.

If you are a member of staff, we welcome you to take advantage of this service.

Just take ten minutes out of your day to come along if you are concerned about the change in size or shape of any moles or any skin changes.

Things to look out for include:

A new mole, any mole or freckle or patches of normal skin that have changed in size, shape or colour:






Photos from Cancer Research UK leaflet

A new growth or sore that isn’t healing, a spot, mole or sore that is itchy or painful, a mole or growth that bleeds, is crusty or has a scab:

Moles 2








Photos from Boots Web MD

The nurses will be able to look for early indicators of skin cancer and will also be able to advise whether a fast-track referral to the hospital would be recommended.  The Nurses do pick up a handful of skin cancers every year, so this is a potentially life-saving service we can offer our staff.


There are spaces available on Wednesday 13 September 9.30am–12.30pm.


Please contact Occupational Health on ext 3187 to book a confidential ten-minute appointment slot.

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  1. Hello would like to please book in for the mole and skin check please

    • Hi Maria, Please could you contact Occupational Health to arrange an appointment by calling them on ext 3187 or emailing Many thanks

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