Success for student sales team

Matt Saunders

Matt Saunders

Portsmouth Business School are delighted to announce the great success achieved by final-year sales students, Matt Saunders and Rami Omran, at the European Sales Competition recently.

The event, which was sponsored by Salesforce CRM systems, Oracle, RBS, Hudson and Textron Aviation, was held at Napier University, Edinburgh on 31 May and 1 June 2017.

45 sales students took part from 22 universities from Finland, Norway, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and the UK, as well as a team of students from Kansas State University, USA, who were given ‘special entrants’ status.

It was a high-pressured and intensive two days with students conducting five, one-on-one speed sells to real-life corporate buyers and recruiters before moving onto the qualifier round – a 20-minute sales meeting based on a real-life case scenario, written by Salesforce. Students were required to present to two buyers from the Royal Bank Scotland Procurement team and gain commitment for a follow-up meeting.

Rami Omran

Rami Omran

For the first time, thanks to Matt Saunders’ highly-rated performance, the University of Portsmouth made the final of the competition – we were the only UK university to achieve this. All five finalists were given an additional brief to prepare for a further 20-minute sales meeting with the RBS buyers. As Matt’s meeting was scheduled first, he had just 30 minutes to prepare whilst the other contestants had one and a half to three hours.

Matt Saunders came third in the competition and was highly commended by the RBS judges who commented that his performance was particularly impressive in view of the short amount of time he had to prepare.

Over the last six weeks of coaching sessions with Marketing and Sales Course Leader, Richard Lowton, both Matt and Rami worked very hard preparing their meeting strategy and practising various role plays. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they both received some amazing feedback from the judges and buyers. As a result of the competition, both Matt and Rami have been approached by several sponsors with the view of them joining their organisation.

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  1. THATS MY BOY!!!!….So so proud….

  2. When I put forward the idea of a Master degree in Sales Management, back in 1999 the Marketing Department was not keen. Thanks to the Professor of Marketing and the support of the CIM we pushed it through.

    Great to see these successes. Well done everyone.

  3. Well done,Matt.
    Love from Uncle Daz & Auntie Chris.

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