Why the Universe matters

Why the Universe matters

Why the Universe matters


A University of Portsmouth astrophysicist will discuss why the Universe matters at a free public lecture this week.

Professor Daniel Thomas from the University’s Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation will take us on a journey through space-time, visiting the interiors of stars and the hearts of galaxies, watching galaxies collide, and admiring gigantic cosmic fireworks to explain why the Universe matters to us.

He said: “Most matter in the Universe is dark, only a tiny fraction makes galaxies shine, stars and planets form and biological life develop.”

Professor Thomas researches the formation and evolution of galaxies and galaxies as cosmological probes, with particular interest in stellar populations and chemical evolution. He also studies galaxy populations, large-scale galaxy surveys, galaxy environment, galaxy dynamics and dark matter.

The free lecture is on Wednesday 7 June from 6 – 7pm and will be followed by a drinks reception. Please book tickets via Eventbrite.

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