Student app celebrates Portsmouth and the Festivities

University of Portsmouth students have developed a unique city-based app, as part of the Portsmouth Festivities. The Festivities is Portsmouth’s own multi-disciplinary arts festival, showcasing a mix of concerts, art, exhibitions, lectures and outdoor events over 10 days from 16-25 June.

Play Code CityThe theme for this year’s festival is ‘play’ for which Portsmouth Festivities created the concept of PLAY CODE CITY and the students  have created an exciting new interactive game app in conjunction with Torchlight Heritage.  Portsmouth residents and visitors are invited to join the game for 10 days of app action, discovering and interacting with game characters and performers, finding unusual installations around the city and collecting codes.

The adventure will start at 11.00am on the first day of the Festivities (16 June), and will be live everyday 11am – 7pm until (25 June). Happenings will be featuring events such as Electric Eden, Circo Rum Ba Ba, B-Boys and Escape Rooms.

The students who are studying Digital Media, Digital Marketing and Entertainment Technology, said it had been a fantastic experience and they cannot wait for people to start playing it. Student project manager, Jason Lihou said: “It’s been a great experience and a lot of fun designing it. Helping clients realise their ideas is extremely gratifying and a great way for students to learn their craft and showcase their skills.”

Players can register for a PLAYCODE CITY user account free of charge at from 2 June and commence play from Friday 16 June. Prizes for the winners range from a Gunwharf Quays gift card, a year’s free pizza to a drivers experience at Goodwood racing (age dependant but a young driver experience is available).

The app is one of a series of unique University events developed for the Festivities by the University’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries. They include several unusual lunchtime lectures and a performance of poetry, dance, music and projections commemorating the 100th anniversary of Passchendaele. The Angels Cry is a collaboration by the School of Creative Technologies, Portsmouth Poetry and the New Theatre Royal players and dancers and takes place at Portsmouth Cathedral on 20 June at 8pm.

The lunch time lectures are open to all and tickets can be booked by following the links below. 


20 June: Cry Baby the story of Blues Harmonica by Ben Hodgeson. It’s a child’s toy. It’s the only instrument through which you breathe. It has the power of a locomotive yet sleeps in your pocket and cries like a baby. Ben Hodgeson in the School of Creative Technologies takes you on a journey of Blues Harmonica, from Germany to Liverpool via the Southern States, discovering some of the greatest players in history. 20 June 1pm, Eldon Building Room EW1.10, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth

21 June: Portsmouth at Play. A talk exploring the decadent, seedy, and dangerous past of Portsmouth’s dockyard and surrounding areas, through visual re-enactment and in the form of drawings and features, based on research by Louis Netter Senior Lecturer in Illustration in the School of Art & Design.  1pm, 21 June Eldon Building room EW1.10, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth.

22 June: The Oarsman” Modulars and New Technologies . Dr Pere Villez presents a lecture/concert exploring the possibilities offered by combining old and new music technologies with phoneography. 22 June, 1pm, Eldon Building room EW1.11, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth

Games Jam Lecture Through anecdotes and examples, Neil Dansey and his team present their experience of 10 years of running ‘Game Jams’ and providing wider contexualisation of Playful Protoyping via 1980s ‘Demoscene’ and contemporary ‘hacker’ cultures. 22 June, 3.15pm, Eldon Building room EW1.10, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth

23 June: The Future of Cinematic Digital Cinematography  Daniel Mulligan discusses new sensor technology and his research in this area alongside the latest techniques in Hollywood Film Productions, using his experiences on films such as Captain Philips, Man from UNCLE, and much more. 23 June, 1pm Eldon Building room EW1.10, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth.



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