Academic Workload Planning symposia

2017-03-27 16.04.28

 The Academic Workload Planning symposia focused on sharing progress that has been made in implementing the new Academic Workload Planning tool over the past year, and provided an opportunity for staff to share their views and ask questions.

The Academic Workload Planning tool is part of a wider project to help ensure that we align the time spent on different types of activity to our strategic objectives, and to do this in a way that is transparent, consistent and equitable across the University.

Paul Hayes said “At the start of the project we found that many of the existing practices were difficult to understand and variation between departments meant that we were unable to collect information about how academic staff time was being allocated: this new planning tool has started to address this issue.

The new approach to workload planning, including the refinement of allowances associated with particular activities, will take about three to four years, and I very much appreciate the time and effort being spent on this. Those areas that were part of the pilot are already starting to see the improvement in the data, and across departments the transparency has proven beneficial.

I would encourage those involved to continue their discussions with managers to improve the robustness of the information so that it can be used with confidence for both operational and strategic planning.”

For further information, visit the Academic Workload Planning web pages

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