Developing leadership skills with Southampton University Officer Training Corps

IMG_2121Leadership students from Portsmouth Business School took up an opportunity to develop their practical leadership skills supported by the Southampton University Officer Training Corps (SUOTC).

Students took part in three practical tasks that developed their ability to use their intelligence to plan, conduct and reflect on their leadership skills to solve a practical problem within a set time. One of the tasks involved a scenario where a van had driven into a ‘minefield’ and the students needed to swiftly and efficiently remove two casualties to safety. Each task was organised and supported by Portsmouth students who are senior members of the SUOTC.

Oska Ross said, “Being in the OTC so far has taught me many leadership and team working skills that I will be able to use during any future career in the military or civilian life. Helping at this event has improved these skills and I have been able to pass on some of the things I have learnt to other students.”

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