Get too hot?

Research Title: A comparison of temperature responses between HED patients and a control population

Department: Sport and Exercise Science

We are looking for male and female volunteers, aged 5 to 45 years old to take part in our research studies. The study involves resting and light exercise in a warm environment to investigate how you heat up and then cool down.

We are comparing these responses to previously recruited patients who struggle to keep cool and are therefore looking for people of specific body characteristics to match them:

Sex Height (cm) Weight (kg)
Female 125 18.5
Female 126 22.8
Male 134 31.8
Male 148 33.6
Male 143 38.6
Male 159 49.0
Female 178 80.0
Female 168 80.6
Female 170 88.6

If you, your child or friend is similar to these characteristics and interested in taking part, please contact Dr Heather Massey (   023 9284 3545) or Rebecca Neal ( 023 9284 5594) for more information. This study will be ongoing but is looking to start the week beginning 27 February 2017.

Volunteers must be:

  • Age: 5-45 years
  • Gender: Either
  • Staff/Student: Both

More Information:

  • Dates: 27/2/2017 onwards
  • Location: University of Portsmouth

If you would like more information, contact Dr Heather Massey at

Heather Massey Tel: 023 9284 3545
or (023 9284 5594)

This testing has been reviewed by the Science Faculty ethics committee and been given the following ethics code: SFEC 2014-88A

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