Season’s Greetings from the Student Neighbour Liaison Team

e74532961214c07bf707043e2196937cSeason’s Greetings from the Student and Neighbour Liaison Team at Student Housing!  

The holiday season is upon us and the end of term is nigh! You may want to celebrate in style with your friends – but please remember your neighbours may not want to be involved or disturbed by these festivities!

Here are some handy hints and reminders to help you maintain good relations in the neighbourhood during any festive shenanigans:

  • Speak to your neighbours before any parties and agree a finish time and crucially, stick to it! Don’t think that just because you have forewarned your neighbours you are having a party it is acceptable to continue going until the wee small hours.
  • Try to plan any celebrations around the weekend. Don’t forget your neighbours have to get up for work during the week/children go to school etc. so may not appreciate festive karaoke at 2am…
  • If you have guests make sure they leave quietly and do not carry the party/have prolonged ‘goodbyes/see you’s’ on in the street – you are ultimately responsible for their behaviour!
  • If you are asked to reduce noise levels respond politely and positively, put yourself in your neighbour’s position if you have disturbed them and they are somewhat upset by this.

‘The Grinch that Stole Christmas’

Christmas can mean that homes become a target for burglaries, but here are some useful pointers to make sure you do not become a victim of sticky-fingered thieves…

  • Please think about where you store any expensive equipment or presents and do not leave anything on display in your window.
  • If your house is going to be empty over the holidays please make sure the property is secured properly (doors locked, windows shut and also locked).
  • Let your landlord know when you will be away and coming back to the property.
  • Try not to advertise that everyone in your house has left over the Christmas period on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.); this informs all potential burglars that your property is empty.
  • If you are establishing or have established a good relationship with your neighbours, then this can be beneficial for everyone. Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your house while you are away and give your neighbours your contact details in case of problems.
  • Take all valuable items with you where possible and if you have to leave anything, hide it! You would be amazed how many times Student Housing landlords have told us stories about their student tenants leaving valuables (including expensive trainers, cash etc.) lying around houses when they complete inspections over the break!
  • When you return, again do not advertise expensive new Christmas gifts to potential burglars by leaving things on view and leaving boxes/packaging/posh shopping bags outside for the recycling in clear view.

Good housekeeping

There are several things that you need to make sure you do before everyone leaves for a long break to prevent any troubles while you’re away and end up with a nasty surprise on your return:

  • Take precautions against the cold weather. The water mains can be turned off to stop pipes freezing and bursting, or you could set your heating times to come on low for a few hours in the evening.
  • If you have an electric key meter don’t forget to make sure there is enough credit on the meter to cover you whilst you are away. You don’t need your freezer cutting out while you are away…
  • Before you leave for your holidays please ensure that you dispose of your rubbish correctly.
  • Use the recycling facilities where appropriate and do not leave large amount of refuse on the street outside your property before collection day as you can incur a fine.

Enjoy the long break, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2017!

Student and Neighbour Liaison Service

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