Volunteers needed for simulation exercise

Just a few days remain for volunteers to sign up to take part in the UK’s largest annual disaster event simulation exercise, scheduled for 9-11 May 2017.

Now in its fifth year, SimEx 2017 will allow international, national and volunteer organisations to practise and improve vital coordination on standard operating procedures for emergency response.

At the same time it gives the University of Portsmouth an excellent opportunity to expose students from various departments to their potential future career choices. Among them will be postgraduate students on the University’s Crisis and Disaster Management masters course.

The exercise is directed by Naomi Morris, Teaching Fellow in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response, who has led international response teams in real-life crisis scenarios, most recently in Greece with organisations working to support refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

A rescue operation at Fort Widley.

A rescue operation at Fort Widley for SimEx 2016

Ms Morris said: “This year the exercise scenario is a major earthquake in a region that has a history of political rivalry, conflict and deteriorating infrastructure, and with existing humanitarian concerns.

“We are particularly keen to get volunteers as role players. These will be actors who simulate specific roles during exercise play. In this simulation they are also in discussion with controllers providing key data to players and may prompt or initiate certain player actions to ensure exercise continuity.”

The operational portion of the exercise will involve actors from UK and international International Search and Rescue Advisory Group teams, International and National NGOs, UK Military, UK Police, Fire and Ambulance, Local Authority Organisations and Academic institutions.  Each of these has their own learning objectives, which are built into the design of the exercise.

Volunteers for SimEx 2017 should sign up through a short online web survey by 30 September 2016: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/W37QP2N

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