What stops women: Festival highlight

Examining barrier: Dr jenny Burbage chaired a highlghted event at this year's British Science Festival

Examining barriers: Dr Jenny Burbage, left, chaired discussion at this year’s British Science Festival

What stops thousands of girls and women from playing or staying in sport was one of the highlights of the British Science Festival this week.

The numbers of women who play sport or lead active lifestyles is estimated to be roughly two-thirds that of men.

Why many women drop out or never join in was examined by Dr Jenny Burbage, at ‘Jumping over hurdles: Women in sport’ event last night.

The University of Portsmouth sports scientist specialises in barriers to women in sport.

Dr Burbage discussed research which shows some women avoid sport because of breast pain, poor bra fit, or because they have large breasts. Possible solutions, she argued, include women wearing appropriate breast support and lobbying schools and government for better breast education for schoolgirls.

The annual festival celebrates the best of British science over four days with free events, talks and performances from across the scientific spectrum. It was/is hosted by Swansea University, with events taking place across the city.

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