Annual online reading list rollover


The University Library will roll over all the online reading lists ready for the next academic year.  The rollover is expected to take place on Monday 4 July 2016.

The Libary has taken pains to make this process much faster, easier and less disruptive for you this year.  No longer do you have to re-link any reading list in Moodle that is linked to a unit. The links to each linked reading list will remain the same: all that you will see change is the date label on the list change from a green 2015-6 to an orange 2016-7. Please do not be alarmed if an online reading list that is new for 2016-7 has its date unexpectedly changed to 2015-6 in the run up to the rollover.  The date and link will both correct themselves during the rollover.

All Moodle sites using the Moodle integration tool should be linked and functioning at all times except during the rollover process itself.  Existing scanned documents linked to these reading lists will also continue to function until the copyright cut-off date of 31 August. Prior to the cut-off date, Library staff expect systematically to update the links to scanned items in reading lists so that they will be available when needed during the next academic year.

In order to help us to help you most efficiently, please could we request the following:

1.    Please publish all your online reading lists beforehand. We cannot include draft lists in the rollover.
2.    Please contact Annushka Donin ( with details of any scans linked to reading lists that will be needed in the first weeks of the new academic year, and also of any units that are not going to be taught until Teaching Block 2.  This will allow us to prioritise our work updating the links to scanned items and ensure that everything is available when it is needed.
3.    If you have a unit with an online reading list that will not be taught in the next academic year, please contact your Faculty Librarian with the Unit number and Title as soon as possible so a copy may be archived for future re-use.
4.    If you require a copy of an existing reading list to be archived for future reference, again please contact your Faculty Librarian with the Unit number and Title as soon as possible.
5.    If you have a new unit without an online reading list, please contact your Faculty Librarian for assistance setting one up.

The Library thanks staff for their kind assistance in helping them make sure your reading lists work for your clients and for you.

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