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53618We have read with interest over 160 comments made in response to the articles about car parking last month. Within this update we will endeavour to respond to your views and passionate discussions that covered all aspects of the way we travel to work, the mode of travel we choose and why, concerns about car parking and expectations of how the University could support staff in travelling to work.

We don’t have all the answers right now, however we are committed to being open and clear about where more work needs to be done before we can identify options that will contribute to our long-term Travel plan, that we will be developing.

Alternatives to travelling by car – many staff identified a number of reasons they do or do not travel to and from work by certain means of transport, as well as areas that could be improved.

  1. Will all types of travel be included in the Travel plan?
    Yes, we will consider all types of travel into the city and more locally within the city. We will always encourage staff to use more environmentally friendly options however we appreciate that a number of staff need to use their car.
  2. Are there any opportunities for the University to get deals with travel operators?
    There are opportunities that already exist and we will be contacting travel operators to investigate whether we can negotiate any further deals for staff, to make alternatives to the car more attractive where possible. This will all be investigated as part of the review that will inform the strategy.
  3. What alternatives are there to travelling by car?
    A variety of alternatives to parking on campus continue to be available to students and staff:

    •        University park and ride – Park at Langstone student village and ride the free University bus
    •        Cycle to work – a number of discounts available to staff
    •        University bus – free for students and staff
    •        Discounts on annual First Bus pass – First bus ticket application form 
    •        Gunwharf Quays car park – reduced rate available of £4 per day
    •        Park and Ride Portsmouth – from £4 per day
    •        Isambard Brunel multi storey car park – pre-paid, pay-as-you-go option called Park-It

Car parking – many staff made observations and queried car parking issues.

  1. Are all staff guaranteed a car parking space?
    We cannot guarantee that every member of staff will have a car parking space, however we will continue to provide as much parking as our estate can provide. We encourage everyone to use alternatives where possible.
  2. Will Portland car park re-open?
    Portland is currently open until construction starts on the Future Technology Centre and will be reopened once construction is complete in 2017. We will also open the car park for a short period of time between the completion of enabling works and the start of building works.
  3. Are students allowed to use University car parks?
    Some students are issued car parking permits if they fit within the eligibility criteria:
    •  They reside in the Langstone Student Village. These permits are for Langstone car park only and vehicles displaying these permits are not permitted on the main campus.
    •  They are registered disabled badge holders (proof is required and these permits will be issued free of charge).
    •  They have other mobility difficulties (such applications would be considered by a University review panel and supporting evidence from a GP or relevant medical professional would be required).
    •  They have restricted public transport from their home address, which must be outside the PO1-PO6 areas (a covering letter is required with the application).
  4. Can we reduce the number of car parking spaces taken up by contractors?
    While we re-negotiate the maintenance contract, we will review the number of car parking passes issued.
  5. What can be done to stop people driving around each day trying to find a car parking space?
    We appreciate that using a car for some is a necessity for multiple reasons and the fact is that we cannot provide more parking spaces within the estate at this time. We currently do not have any solutions to this problem except to suggest you access the discounts available in the city car parks. However, we will be looking at this issue as part of the Travel Plan.
  6. Parents from Portsmouth Grammar School are parking in Ravelin car park, can this be addressed?
    We have a good relationship with the school and they frequently issue letters asking parents not to use Ravelin car park. Since these comments were made Portsmouth City Council has monitored the situation and identified that a number of staff are using the car park to collect their children.
  7. How can we stop someone taking a car parking space I was about to drive into?
    We are disappointed to read that this is happening. Please be considerate and courteous when using University car parks.
  8. Is car parking being considered as part of the Estates Master Plan?
    Yes, car parking is being considered as part of the Estates Master Plan. Multiple options are being investigated, including exploring the possibility of a multi-storey car park and new car park locations. When investigating our options, we will need to understand the contribution our University makes to traffic within the city as well as seeking planning permission from Portsmouth City Council. This will take time and there is no certainty at this stage to any of the ideas that are being explored.
  9. Where will we park if the proposed sports centre is built on Ravelin park?
    If this plan goes ahead, we will consider how we accommodate these spaces within an alternative location.

Improvements to car parking – a number of comments suggested improvements to car parking.

  1. In the short term, what changes will be made to improve the car parking problems?
    Currently we offer a variety of alternatives as highlighted above. The University is also developing a Travel plan that will include all modes of transport but this will take time to develop.
  2. Can we use the Victoria baths site for parking?
    The site is being used temporarily to support other construction projects on campus and is therefore not avalible.
  3. Can we reinstate the scheme that allocated spaces for those with caring responsibilities?
    The scheme was removed as it was unsuccessful. We will review why this approach failed and may reinstate it as a pilot to see if staff will support the scheme as it is based on the goodwill of staff.
  4. Is there a plan to fix the potholes in a variety of car parks?
    Yes, we are planning to fix all the potholes. Recently, work has taken place in the following locations:
    •  Mildam – pothole outside gate
    •  Anglesea – large pothole filled
    •  Nuffield

We are committed to consulting with you as we develop the Travel plan and hope this gives you an insight into our current thinking on a number of areas.
Thank you for all your comments.

Fiona Bell
Director of Estates and Campus Services

Bernie Topham
Chief Operating Officer

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  1. Would you consider a reduction in cost scheme to encourage more people to use the Gosport Ferry?

    Many thanks

    • We will be contacting travel operators, including Gosport Ferry, to investigate whether we can negotiate any further deals for staff, to make alternatives to the car more attractive where possible.

  2. “We have a good relationship with the school (PGS) and they frequently issue letters asking parents not to use Ravelin car park. Since these comments were made Portsmouth City Council has monitored the situation and identified that a number of staff are using the car park to collect their children.”

    Do you mean ‘parents’ rather than ‘staff’?

    • We mean staff that are parents of children at the school.

      • I am a parent of PGS pupils. Is there some problem about my using Ravelin car park?

        • Any member of staff with a car pass can use the car park.

  3. Repainting the lines in Mildam carpark to clearly delinate parking spaces would go some way to reducing some of the anti-social parking that seems to be going on in that car park in particular.

  4. Thank you for the update. Can you clarify that you will look at revisiting parking layouts to ensure we are fitting the highest safe number of car parking sites per site? Milldam is clearly under-utilised.

  5. This suggestion may not be considered under the Estates Master Plan but could help significantly with parking issues: why not allow more staff to work from home, (when staff request it and where/when it is practical)? Allowing staff to work from home one or two days a week could significantly reduce pressure on the car parks. Our team is based in a large open plan office (in which it is sometimes difficult to concentrate) and colleagues frequently work off site anyway, attending recruitment events and visiting schools or colleges. In the past when colleagues have requested the odd day or half day to work from home, their request has been declined (except occasionally for managers). All I generally need is a computer (I have one at home) and a phone (I have a work mobile) to do my job. I only really need to be on campus for meetings.

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