Eddie Izzard to speak at University EU referendum event

Eddie Izzard votes stand up for Europe

Eddie Izzard votes stand up for Europe

Actor, comedian and writer Eddie Izzard will speak at an EU referendum event at the University of Portsmouth on 7 June.

Eddie will visit the University as part of his Stand Up For Europe campaign to encourage people of all ages across the UK to register and vote to remain in the European Union.

Eddie will present the arguments for remaining against a Vote Leave representative who will be confirmed by the University later this month.

Professor Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth, said: “We’re looking forward to hosting Eddie Izzard at our EU referendum event. It is so important that as a University we encourage and support open debate on such important issues and I am looking forward to hearing what will no doubt be a robust discussion.

“This is an issue which has the potential to change our lives in Britain and alter fundamentally the operation of the University of Portsmouth, our research and teaching activities and the way we interact with Europe and internationally.

“This is a very important and personal decision which all of us in Britain will need to take, the outcome of which will be a defining moment for our country.”

The Stand Up For Europe campaign tour will see Eddie visit 31 cities in 31 days across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Ahead of his first event at Aston University in Birmingham, he said: “We know the overwhelming majority of young people want to stay in Europe because of the opportunities it presents to work, to study and to travel. I share their positive view of Europe – I am a British European who has performed in German, French and Spanish.

“But if they are not registered, they can’t vote and those opportunities will be taken away without them getting to have their say. It only takes two minutes to register on a smartphone and it must be done by June 7.

“I got chances from Europe that the generation before me never got – just imagine what benefits young people will get in the future. This could be the biggest decision of their lives and I want to help make sure they get their chance to have their say.”

The free event is on Tuesday, 7 June from 6.30 – 8.00pm. Tickets are limited to two per person. Please book via Eventbrite.

***This event is sold out***

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  1. Just tried getting tickets for this but I see the staff tickets are sold out already.

    I also see that there are public tickets which have also sold out.

    Surely at a University held event shouldn’t staff take priority over the public!

  2. This looks like a great event – unfortunately it is sold out already.

    Just a suggestion, but it would perhaps enable more people to go along to these sorts of things if they were limited to one ticket per person. From experience, there could be empty seats due to people ordering two tickets and not using the second one.

    • Thanks Lynsey for your feedback. We’re expecting this event to be full but will ensure the message is passed on that if people have booked two tickets but are not using one they must release them.

  3. Just tried to book tickets for this.

    Staff tickets sold out.

    Public tickets sold out!

    Shouldn’t staff take priority over the public at a University held event.

    • This is a public event and tickets were split evenly among staff, students and the public. We are currently investigating options with Eddie Izzard’s team to see if we can bring the event to a wider audience by streaming it online.

  4. Is there any chance of a bigger venue in the Uni for this so more of us can attend?

    • After considering several possible venues, we had to go for Richmond LT1 – the biggest lecture theatre on campus. We are currently investigating options with Eddie Izzard’s team to see if we can bring the event to a wider audience by streaming it online.

      • When we hosted the BAM Conference last September, we had technology of some kind that enabled us to stream a session from LT1 onto the screens in LT2 and LT3 – would that help? I think it was hired from an outside company, and IS worked with them to set it up.

  5. Yes I went on yesterday, when the article was posted, and only had student tickets left.

  6. To make this a viable debate surely there should be a speaker of similar standing representing the opposite opinion. A debate is just that – a discussion of alternative viewpoints. It is wrong to assume that everyone is in favour of remaining in the EU but this speaker is likely to attract those who are.

  7. Is it being streamed online and if so what is the link please?

    • Hello, the event isn’t being streamed online but a video will be available on UoP news the following day.

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