Next Café Scientifique with Dr Maria Salta

Dr Maria Salta, Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology, will lead the next Café Scientifique session on Tuesday 22 March, 8pm at Le Café Parisien.Media,75397,en[1]

Her topic of discussion will be Biofouling: The Enemy of all Manmade Structures in the Aquatic Environment. All man-made structures that are exposed in the aquatic environment are being colonised by marine organisms such as barnacles and seaweeds. This has detrimental consequences on structures such as ship hulls and oil/gas platforms. At this Café Scientifique session, Maria will speak about current technological/research advances that mimic nature in order to combat this issue.

The event is free and no booking is necessary, but you can reserve a table by calling the cafe on 023 9283 1234.

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