Government announces new clause to be inserted into grant agreements

Organisations receiving government grants will be banned from using these taxpayer funds to lobby government and Parliament.Whitehall

This new ‘anti-lobbying’ clause was announced by the government recently and will mean all government grants for research awarded from May, would stipulate that they cannot be used to influence policy-makers. Some are seeing this is an attack on academic freedom as it would stop grants for university research being used to influence policy-makers.

A petition calling for university research grants to be exempt from the clause has been organised by Stempra, the organisation for science communications professionals, promoting good communications around science, technology, engineering, and maths research.

Stempra believes that if there is a strong public show of support from the research community, it may be able to help persuade the Government to give university research an exemption from this extreme new prohibition.

Further comment on the discussion can be found in the following media:

The University’s Department of Research and Innovation Services is carefully monitoring the discussion and will apprise staff of the outcome and possible impact in due course.

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